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where to buy ipod classic

The old school 160 GB iPod Classic that can hold tens of thousands of songs isn't being manufactured anymore because Apple wasn't able to get the parts anymore from anywhere in the world, CEO Tim Cook said in October at the Wall Street Journal Digital Conference.

Apple fans have been in mourning over the demise of beloved music player, a device capable of holding even the biggest music fanatic's collection. The last model Apple offered was released in 2009.

While the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus include an option for a whopping 128 GB configuration, some of which can be allocated to music, some people just can't seem to shake the idea of owning an iPod Classic.

If you're willing to pay big bucks -- there are

a few options in time for the holidays.

Several 6th generation 160 GB iPod Classics, which can hold approximately 40,000 songs, are listed in Amazon's used marketplace at $239.99.

Amazon listed a new 7th generation 160 GB iPod Classic for $492, along with a promise that if shoppers order today it will arrive in time for Christmas.

The Best Buy marketplace lists several 160 GB iPod Classics for sale, starting at $235.49.

On eBay, used 160 GB iPod Classics were up for auction, hovering at prices as low as $125 while leaping as high as $1,000 for a "buy it now" option.

As with buying any used electronics, it's important to note that many sellers do not offer returns and offer their products "as is."

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