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Where to buy ipod covers

where to buy ipod covers

Copying LPs to CDs, MP3s & to your iPod® is as easy as 1-2-3 with DAK's complete hardware & software system. Harness the power of your Win 8, Win 7, Vista or XP PC to easily make flawless copies of your LPs, 45s, 78s and tapes with scratches removed without hurting your sound & songs separated & MP3 tags & pictures embedded automatically.

Click Each To See The Top 3 Reasons Not To Go USB

Click To See Reason 1 - Why Not To Buy a USB turntable.

Why Not USB 1? Your PC already has a built in sound card that's likely better than what's in a USB turntable. So, why pay $69 or $99 for a USB turntable that includes a $30 sound card?

How much can be left for the turntable quality? Does it have an aluminum platter or does it only have a plastic platter? Does it have a damped cuing arm, or no cuing arm at all? Does it have anti-skating for center of the groove sound? Does it have a magnetic cartridge with an elliptical diamond stylus? It's all about the sound you want to copy to digital. Only use a magnetic cartridge with an elliptical diamond stylus gives you flawless digital copies. You'll hear the difference big-time. And, does it even have a counterweight for stylus weight setting for stylus and record protection?

Why Not USB 2? Are they kidding or what? Many USB turntables now come with an old-style cheap ceramic cartridge. Wow, I haven't seen ceramic cartridges since the 70s.

Sure they're cheap. But nobody will defend the sound quality of a ceramic cartridge compared to a magnetic cartridge, nobody. And, 100% of your sound quality is determined where the stylus meets the groove. And you're going to hear the difference big-time with an old style cheap ceramic cartridge. Plus, ceramic cartridges have spherical needles, not elliptical diamond styluses that aren't good for your LPs or your sound. You're going to listen to your copies hundreds of times. Don't listen to bad sound. Give them broadcast quality. Digital is great.

Click To See 3 -Most Important. - Don't waste hours with a manual program. Save $$$.

Why Not USB 3? It's the programs. DAK's included $60 suite of

automated programs saves you hours and is included FREE.

Many USB turntables come bundled with the freeware Audacity program. It's available for free anywhere on the Internet. No need to even buy a USB turntable. Just download it.

DAK's automated software starts with timed recording so you don't have to baby-sit your recordings.

Just start your record and let the program stop recording at the time you've set.

Then DAK's automated Click, Pop, Hiss and Scratch assassin removes the scratches, ticks, pops and noises from your records and tapes without hurting your sound at all. It uses algorithms, not filters. So you'll get broadcast quality flawless copies. And it can convert a hundred tracks at a time. So you get the best quality and you'll save hours.

Save Money With DAK's Automated System. Let's say you pay someone (or yourself) just $10 an hour to convert your records using a cheap USB turntable and the manual program or use DAK's automated audiophile system to copy the same LPs.

I think you'll find that after 3 or 4 records, DAK's system turns out to be cheaper by far because of the time you'll save. Plus you'll find it's much easier and there's simply no comparison of the audiophile sound quality of the copies you'll get.

And Finally DAK's included Holy Grail Song Splitter will instantly separate your song tracks (you can spend hours with other programs).

Then the Grail auto/paste names your tracks and then it auto-loads and burns CDs with your tracks.

Plus it also auto converts your songs to MP3s and it auto-adds your song name, album name, artist name and even MP3 picture tags (I show you how).

And finally, the Grail auto-creates Artist and Album sub-folders to put your tracks in so you don't have to and they are ready to drop right into iTunes too.

The DAK Holy Grail Song Splitter does all the work for you. You'd have to spend hours separating, naming burning and tagging. The Grail does it in minutes. So don't spend hours converting your LPs, 45s, 78s and tapes. Use DAK's automated included software programs and do it fast and easy.

Click To See All 13 Reasons Not To Go USB In Detail

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