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Where to buy ipod earphones

where to buy ipod earphones

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Worst. Headphones. Ever. 14 Nov. 2010

By Axl - Published on

Verified Purchase

I have never left a review on Amazon. However, I felt I had to for this. If I can stop even one person from buying these terrible earphones I'll feel better.

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Biggest Mistake Ever Made on Amazon 6 April 2011

By Ken Turmel - Published on

Verified Purchase

The biggest mistake ever made on Amazon was buying the Apple iPod Earphones (Earbuds) from "The OEM Shop" on Amazon! One would think that buy shopping at a store with the name "OEM" meaning that it refers to "Original Equipment Manufacturer", that one would recieve quality OEM products. NOT SO! I bought these earbuds for my daughter's 16th Birthday and was highly disappointed when they arrived! They ARE NOT

authentic nor genuine Apple brand earbuds as the title of these earbuds implies at "The OEM Shop" storefront at Amazon. These earbuds are a 50 cent counterfeit knock-off of the real Apple earbuds and in no way whatsoever comes even close to the quality of an authentic set of Apple earbuds. These earbuds have aweful distorted sound quality and cheap wiring as well. Please take note that these counterfeit earbuds quit working after two weeks of use.

Conclusion: If you wish to find a super great set of earbuds, I would highly recommend buying a set of Sony MDR series earbuds. I recently purchase a set and they are AWESOME! Superb studio quality sound with high quality manufacturing. A bonus is that the Sony earbuds come with their own handy storage case! A perfect choice of earbuds! I invite you to view the ratings and reviews for Sony's MDR series earbuds.

You WON'T be disappointed once you slip them on for a crystal clear music listening experience. I promise!

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