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At the age of 26 James Menzies-Kitchin staged his first production. In June 1996, at the age of 28, he died suddenly and unexpectedly. In the intervening year and a half he had established himself as a theatre director of thrilling promise. He was an entrepreneur of unstoppable drive. His clarity of vision, his tenacity of purpose and above all his courage, inspired all those who worked with him.

The JMK Trust commemorates James through its James Menzies-Kitchin Young Director Award (The JMK Award), which encourages others in the same spirit of enterprise, vision and inspiration.

The JMK Trust has been instrumental in talent-spotting and launching the career of some thrilling young directors, and the winners and runners-up over the years that the award scheme has been running make a starry list

- Caroline McGinn in Time Out

James directing Eve Best

Arts funding for small scale work has been so whittled away that only those young directors with access to parental bank accounts can find money to pay actors and meet production costs, not to mention a decent venue in which to stage it. This is where the JMK Trust steps in - David Benedict in The Independent

The JMK Award has become an important part of the theatre ecology: providing a unique opportunity for young directors to create a full production supported by the JMK Trust's expert team. BAC is very proud to host the award by supporting the winning director and their production - David Jubb. Artistic Director, BAC

James performing with Emily Mortimer

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