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" It was an easy walk to the Visitor’s Centre because of the signboards directing me. It was probably one of the most straightforward trips I have made, without the need  for  asking anyone for directions.  The guide explained to me that this was due to the community based eco-to urism which was implemented in the village and the people were  taught how to act towards tourists and not to harass them. The things available to do in the village were clearly written down, including the kente tour  and village tour. I chose to do the village tour as I had already been to Bonwire and seen the kente weaving there.  The village tour was fantastic, 

History History of Adanwomase Like the founding of many of the Asante towns and villages which often began as hunter’s huts, camps or bases where hunters treated their

exploits, the.

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Kente Enclaves The four weaving enclaves of AshantiWhat happened to Asotwe and Mampong Beposo Today you hear of Adanwomase and Bonwire as the Kente weaving towns of Asante, take a breath.

Kente History The Beginning of Asante Kente Asante Kente assumed prominence around the beginning of the C17th during the reign of King Osei Tutu 1 and the subsequent reign of Opoku Ware.

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Asante Kigdom Asante Kingdom Akan political organization centered on clans headed by a paramount chief or Amanhene. One such clan, the Oyoko, settled in Asanteman's  sub-tropical forest region, establishing a.

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