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I’ve Finally Found The Best Dry Skin Lotion!

After reading through some recommendations on lotions and products that make your skin really soft (I have dry skin; needs more moisturizing), I clipped these pages from a couple of magazines I read and respect and headed to the store.

Yep, I splurged for a change — on 3 hand & body lotions, as well as 1 bath & shower wash.

Up til now, there have been 2 big bottles of  Aveeno Daily Moisturizong Lotion and Jergens Ultra Healing lotion perched at my desk and near my bed. But I’ve still been having dry skin.

Perhaps their formulations are old? Perhaps lotion itself ages? (These bottles are over a year old.)

Either way, I was determined to try some of the newer lotions that are supposed to make your skin silky smooth.

By George, I think I’ve found it! During this trial, I actually found 2 lotions that I liked. One that I didn’t. And a new bath & body wash that I am now using daily.

UPDATE:  Since I initially wrote this  post, I’ve discovered a few other awesome dry skin lotions. See the detailed updates at the end!

How I Tested

I did a leg-by-leg comparison with each of these lotions.

I would place one product on one leg. Another on the other leg. And wait the entire day, taking mental notes of how one was better than the other.

In all, I tried 5 lotions (the 2 I already had on hand, and 3 new ones).

Keri Renewal Serum For Dry Skin

Such was the case again this time as well. I didn’t look real hard, but at the 2 stores I visited (Walgreens and Target), they didn’t have the Keri formulation that was mentioned in the magazine (pictured above).

Since I couldn’t find Keri Long Lasting Hand Cream, I grabbed what I thought sounded like the next best thing: Keri Renewal Serum for Dry Skin .

The results were not good. Minutes after applying to one leg, that leg still felt dry. Not to mention hours later… the results were nonexistent. I believe this product is probably meant to work over time, rather than overnight. I wanted immediate results instead.

Dove Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion (Extra Dry Skin formulation)

This lotion truly made my leg feel silky smooth. And no greasy hands!

Plus… that hydrated, soft feeling lasted forever! Even the next morning, the leg with Dove Cream Oil Body Lotion truly still felt like I had just applied the lotion minutes ago.

I didn’t think I could find a better lotion than this one.

They also make these products with the Dove Cream Oil which I’m also considering stocking up on:

Jergens Naturals Hydrate Daily Moisturizer

I don’t love the scent of the Jergens quite as much as the Dove, but that’s not a deal-breaker. The bottle says the key ingredients are: Jojoba oil, Agave extract, and Cactus extract. And there are no greasy hands after using the Jergens either!

It’s next to impossible to tell which lasts longer, the Dove Cream Oil or the Jergens Naturals Hydrate lotion. That’s why I’m content with a bottle of each — one at my work desk for daytime moisturizing, and one near the bed for nighttime moisturizing.

Without a doubt, the Jergens was the better buy. I found a huge 16.8 oz bottle on sale at Walgreens for $6.99. The Dove was $7.99 for 13.5 oz at the same store.

UPDATE: I still prefer the Dove Cream Oil, but Jergens Naturals is an economical backup that I always keep on hand. Your skin tends to get used to products (as does your hair), making them less effective over time. So I switch up my moisturizing routine once in awhile with this one.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion & Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer

As mentioned above, the 2 extra-large bottles that I’ve had and used semi-regularly for over a year are:

Comparing these lotions with my new ones wouldn’t be fair, because I know that body lotions do, in fact age. Aside from the fact that their formulations are probably outdated, they’ve most certainly gone rancid after so much time.

That said, neither smelled as good as my new favorites do. And they seemed quite “plain” — thin and watery. I know for a

fact that my legs never felt so silky smooth with either of those products!

Dial Yogurt & Honey Body Wash

I like it!

If you don’t mind smelling like a candle all morning (until the scent wears off), then you’ll probably love this body wash. It really does leave your skin feeling silky smooth as you step out of the shower. It’s almost as if there’s no rinsing it off! That’s not a bad thing though. I like the extra-moisturizing effect.

By the way, I tried to find the Bamboo Body Sponge shown here as well. The magazine article says it’s $3.50 at Walgreens. Two of my neighborhood Walgreens don’t carry it.

UPDATE: This body wash currently ranks #2 in my book. I recently discovered Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash. and it’s now my first choice in the shower. I plan to alternate between the two because they’re both really great (and hydrating) products. Plus, your skin

Deodorant, Anyone?

Now, if only I could find a deodorant that I’m just as comfortable with.

I flip flop across brands and have tried so many, yet none strikes my fancy as “the best” deodorant.

Anyone have recommendations?


I use the Eucerin all over my body at night, and the Dove Cream Oil Shea Butter Body Lotion all over my body during the day. They’re both great lotions! The Eucerin is slightly more greasy going on, but it doesn’t stay greasy for long — just about a minute or so. It’s especially great after a sunburn, any time my skin has started to break out, and in the winter when my skin is exceptionally dry.

I’m so excited that my extremely dry skin is finally plump and soft to the touch. I’m no longer self-conscious whenever I shake hands with people, because my hands don’t feel dry anymore…ever! And my legs don’t look chalky when I’m wearing shorts in the summertime either. Using these lotions, combined with the Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash in the shower, my skin now stays super-hydrated all day long!


I’ve been using it daily for the past several months. The best part: It has absolutely no greasiness to it! Your skin feels so plump and soft immediately after using it, and I’ve found that it even stays on after a quick hand washing. (I’m sure soap would remove it, but just a quick rinse & towel dry doesn’t.) I also don’t have to apply it as many times throughout the day — it generally lasts longer than other lotions do.

I still use the Eucerin Calming Creme at night and in the winter months, but the Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion with Aloe has replaced the Dove Cream Oil as my daily lotion of choice for dry skin.


Much like the Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion, it’s super-thick. That means it’s a more highly concentrated formulation than the thinner lotions out there. (Much like you’d find with night creams vs day creams for your face.) It’s clearly packed with all of the essential goodies that make it work so well on extremely dry skin.

Also, like the Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion, it’s not greasy at all. Not even for a second! And it seems to stay on even after a few quick hand rinses in water.

Ultra Repair Cream works incredibly well on my dry skin. It’s my new fave.


It’s also great at healing cracked cuticles, moisturizing dry heels, repairing split ends, and even lengthening & strengthening your own natural eyelashes over time. I’m speaking from experience — I use it in all of those ways.

Basically, it’s a multi-purpose wonder oil that’s appearing in a bunch of different health and beauty products these days.

Since I really like the benefits of adding Argan Oil  to my daily beauty routine, I now have a 2-step dry skin regime that I use:

  1. Lightly pat Argan Oil onto my entire face, neck, hands and feet.
  2. Thoroughly moisturize those same areas and all other areas of my body  with First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream .

Together, they’re the perfect combination for my (formerly) dry skin!

Yes, I still continue to use the Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash in the shower every day as well.

What The Experts Say

Shopsmart Magazine (part of Consumer Reports) recently chose these as their top 8 moisturizers :

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