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Where to buy kosher food in Toronto

Posted by Robyn Urback March 25, 2012

Kosher food is easy to find in Toronto. As long as you have ready access to Bathurst Street and you can handle crowds on early Friday afternoons, you should be able to consider that can of Manischewitz matzo ball soup is as good as yours. While there are several national grocery store chains that have dedicated kosher food sections, there are other, smaller Toronto shops that are exclusively kosher, as well as a few anomalies that might surprise you with a their selection of Golden Fluff.

These stores reach beyond just the Jewish market to those with

other dietary restrictions, such as vegans who are keen to discover the latest dairy-free Tofutti cheese delight.

Hermes Bakery. 2885 Bathurst St (416.787.1234)

Toronto Kosher, 3459 Bathurst St (416.789.5333)

Toronto Kosher is another quality option to consider for fresh meat, with a spread that includes lamb, organic chicken, turkey, veal, and beef. Its marinated and prepared section is perhaps Toronto Kosher's busiest counter, with meats that are ready to toss in the oven and serve, with salads, pastas, and pickled miscellany to go alongside. The shop also has a decent selection of dry grocery items.

Honest Ed's, 581 Bloor St W (416.537.1574)

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