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When buying a laser pointer on ebay, be sure to choose the one which will work best for your needs.

Most of the "YELLOW BOX" laser pointers, which come with 5-heads, 12-heads, 36-heads or 42 heads are all the same inexpensive light metal laser pointer with different amounts of plastic heads. The problem with these laser pointers is the plastic heads easily become stripped and the factories in China making these don't concentrate on quality and you could buy 50 of them and easily find 15 to 20 that won't won't even project a red dot after you put in the batteries. They often simply will not work and those that do work, often break down quickly.

If you are looking for a laser pointer with different heads, look for one that is made with precision metal heads and is labeled heavy duty. The main disadvantage of this type laser and the YELLOW BOX ones listed above, is the batteries. Most take LR44 or LR41 batteries which can be very hard to find and because they are very tiny, they don't last all that long. If you are not buying your LR44 batteries or LR41 batteries on ebay (where we have them in our ebay store for $3.99 with free s/h anywhere in the world), you may even find that your local jewelry shop (often the only place you can find these batteries) will charge you more for the batteries than you paid for the whole laser pointer. -(

If you are buying a laser pointer for your cat or dog to chase or to use for teaching or astronomy, what you really want is a good solid laser pointer with a DOT, so you won't need all those heads with different shapes. More important to you is the quality of the laser. If your dog or cat is chasing it, they will enjoy chasing a dot just as much as a shape. -)

An important consideration is the batteries and if you find a laser pointer that takes AAA batteries, you will find that they are made better, last longer between battery changes and the batteries are easy to find, heck you probably have extra AAA batteries right around your house.

Now, once you have decided which laser pointer type you want, your next decision is RED BEAM or GREEN BEAM. Red beam laser pointers are the most common and least expensive. You can even buy a RED BEAM laser pointer of excellent craftmanship that takes AAA batteries for as little as $5.99 with FREE USA s/h (99 cents international s/h) in our ebay store. see our BLUE BEAST® laser pointers. There is no comparision between a red laser pointer taking AAA batteries and a red laser pointer taking tiny little LR44 batteries. The ones taking the AAA batteries project a dot that seems like it is ON FIRE, whereas the LR44 battery models project a red dot not nearly as bright.

Green Beam laser pointers are normally more expensive, often 10 to 20 times more expensive than RED BEAM laser pointers, but they need not be. While it is true that the factories charge more for them than the red beam ones when selling wholesale to distributors and retailers, there really is no need for them to cost more than 3-4 times the cost of a similar red beam laser pointer. In our ebay store we have the BLACK BEAST® MILITARY GRADE GREEN BEAM laser pointer for just $19.95 with FREE USA s/h (99 cents international s/h).

The GREEN BEAM laser pointers seem to be around 80 times as bright as the red beam laser pointers with similar power AND THEY ARE. -) The reason is simple. The human eye is 80 times more senstive to the green color than the red color, so while it is the same power, it seems so much more bright. An additional advantage of the GREEN BEAM laser pointer is that you can ACTUALLY SEE the beam when used at night in darkness, especially on the better made laser pointers (see our BLACK BEAST® listings for actual photos

of what you can see and do with a GREEN BEAM laser pointer).

The final consideration is be careful of the mw rating on your laser pointer. If you are using it in the USA, the laser pointer MUST be rated LESS THAN 5mw to be legal to buy and use without a permit and this must be printed on the warning label that goes on the laser pointer. Anything greater than this is illegal in the USA without a special permit and if you are importing it, your laser risks being seized in customs and you can lose all your money. Also lasers with power higher than 5mw can be very dangerous and are not safe to use without special safety equipment and taking special precautions. Another consideration with high powered lasers is the way in which they were made. You will find wide variations in price with lasers rated 300mw for example, anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars and there are wide variations in the safety and quality of these different priced models. After all, when thinking about safety, think about this, lasers are used in the medical profession to cut when doing surgery. do you really want something that dangerous than can burn your own skin or hurt your vision?

If using the laser in the UK or Australia, your laser MUST be rated LESS than 1mw to be legal.

If buying from a seller outside your country, make sure the seller understands the mw rating requirement for your country (see if they reference the mw rating in the listing) and most importantly, if the seller has shipped you a laser that meets the requirements for your country, but it still does not reach you for some reason, see what their policy is on this. A reputable seller will replace it or refund your payment in full for you. After all it is the seller's resonsibility to get it to you, not your responsibility.

For most people, a laser rated less than 1mw or 5mw is more than enough. If you want a safe, SUPER-BRIGHT laser, go with a GREEN laser pointer. Whether you choose a RED laser pointer or a GREEN laser pointer, trust me, your pet will enjoy chasing the dot with either one. No need to spend the extra $ for a green laser pointer for a pet toy, unless you want to impress your HUMAN friends as well. -) The GREEN laser pointers are SERIOUS and not nearly as common and chances are your friends will never even have seen one in person. -)

If you are interested in getting your laser pointer FAST, be sure to check the seller's DSR ratings for shipping time and read their feedback comments about whether they are a slow or fast shipper. Some sellers only ship out once a week or when they get around to it. -( Also, if you are in the USA and are worrying about your laser pointer being delayed in customs, you may wish to consider a USA seller rather than one located in another country. If your seller is in the USA and you are in the USA, you are removing any possible customs delays completely from the equation.

Remember, ALWAYS keep the laser pointer away from your face and your pet's face and other people's faces. You don't want the laser to shine in anyone's eyes and by keeping it away from their face and head, you will be able to keep it away from their eyes.

We hope that you will visit our BLUE BEAST® RED BEAM laser pointer in our ebay store for just $4.99 with FREE USA s/h (and VERY low international s/h) and our BLACK BEAST® GREEN BEAM MILITARY GRADE laser pointer for just $16.95 in our ebay store with FREE USA s/h (and VERY low international s/h).

Whether you decide to buy from us or somewhere else, we do hope that you have found this guide helpful as you shop for a laser pointer and will VOTE YES below for our guide.

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