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Waterproofed iPod Shuffle

Is this a real iPod Shuffle made by Apple?

Yes, we purchase the iPod Shuffles from Apple and then enhance each one on the inside with our solid waterproofing technology. Learn more about Our Process .

Is this the latest version of the iPod Shuffle?

Yes, we use the latest version of the iPod Shuffle. Apple calls it the 4th Generation. Some sellers also call it the 5th Generation.

No, we are not affiliated with Apple in any way.

We completely waterproof the inside of the iPod Shuffle with our solid waterproofing technology so that it looks exactly like a normal iPod Shuffle, allowing you to engage in any activity without the unreliability of a nano coating or inconvenience of a bulky case. Learn more about Our Process .

We have been waterproofing the iPod Shuffle longer than anyone and have improved our process along the way to ensure it is the most substantial and comprehensive waterproofing solution on the planet. We have also expanded our process to other electronics and are currently the only company to offer a durable and completely internal waterproofing solution for the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Jawbone UP and UP24, and Nike+ FuelBand 1st Edition and SE. Learn more about why we are different .

The iPod Shuffle holds 2,000 minutes of music or about 500 average length songs.

Your Shuffle should play up to 15 hours of music on a full charge. It takes about 2 hours of charging time to reach an 80% charge and 3 hours of charging time to reach a 100% charge.

Yes, you can charge the iPod Shuffle using a USB power adapter. However, we recommend only using the Apple adapter, as we've noticed using adapters from other manufacturers can sometimes shorten the overall life of the iPod's battery.

Yes, the iPod Shuffle is only compatible with iTunes, which is available for most Mac's and PC's. You can download the latest version for free at

For questions on how to upload songs and for general iTunes support please contact Apple Support 1-800-275-2273 or

Simply rinse off the iPod Shuffle with fresh water after each use in chlorine or salt water and keep it in a ventilated place, like you would any pair of goggles.

Your Waterproofed iPod Shuffle can be submerged down to 210 feet underwater for an unlimited amount of time.

Yes, your Shuffle was fully waterproofed with sweat, heat, dirt and water filled activities in mind. Enjoy your active lifestyle without limits!

We recommend clipping the iPod Shuffle to your goggle strap on the back of your head. You can wear it over

or under a swim cap, but a swim cap is not necessary for swimming with it.

The waterproofing process causes the buttons to become more stiff than a normal iPod Shuffle. However, they should be just as responsive. The more you use your Shuffle, the easier the buttons will be to push. If the buttons do not respond to a small amount of pressure, try pushing down with both thumbs to loosen them up.

Sometimes the extra pressure of air travel can cause excess waterproofing solution to be released. This does not compromise the internal waterproofing and is safe to wipe away with a towel or cloth.

The light on your Shuffle blinks orange when it is syncing to your computer and charging. When it is connected to your computer, you can find the current battery level in iTunes, next to your Shuffle's name.

The light only turns green when your Shuffle is 100% charged. Sometimes the rechargeable battery will get stuck at 99.99% and remain orange. This is completely normal for rechargeable batteries over time. It should only take 3 hours to fully charge your iPod Shuffle.

My iPod Shuffle is not connecting to iTunes or responding at all, what should I do?

    Restart your computer. Reset your iPod Shuffle. Disconnect from your computer (if connected). Flip the Shuffle switch to the right to turn OFF (the green strip on top will no longer be visible). Wait 15 seconds, then flip the Shuffle switch back on. Make sure the charging cord is plugged all the way into the iPod headphone jack and reconnect to the computer. Depending on how long the battery has been dead, it can sometimes take up to 10 minutes for iTunes to recognize your iPod.

My iPod Shuffle turns on and the music plays, but the buttons don't work. What should I do?

The iPod Shuffle has a "Lock" function. In order to disable the "Lock" on the buttons, push and hold the play button for 3 seconds until you hear an unlock noise in your headphones.

    Disconnect your iPod Shuffle from the computer (if connected). Flip the Shuffle switch to the right to turn OFF (the green strip on top will no longer be visible). Place the Shuffle on a counter or table with the buttons facing up. Using a pen or pencil, roll it horizontally across the face buttons like a rolling pin. This should help loosen the buttons. Flip the Shuffle switch to the left to turn ON (the green strip on top will now be visible).

My play button is stiff, what should I do?

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