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Expert Personal Statement critique and editing

With increasing competition, getting into a UK University is now more difficult than ever. Your Personal Statement is often the only way you can stand out from the crowd.

We are proud to be the web's leading professional UCAS personal statement support service. Check out our video or click the arrow to the right for more information.

Our dedicated team are professional graduates from Oxbridge and other top UK Universities and we have extensive experience with UK University admissions. We are committed to helping you to highlight your strengths and create a high-quality, memorable and compelling UCAS personal statement.

We will examine the flow, structure and vocabulary of the UCAS personal statement, also addressing all spelling and grammatical errors. If your personal statement is too long our staff will bring it within the UCAS 4000 character limit and 47 line limit without losing any key information. We also provide help and advice about any aspect of the UCAS application process for UK Universities.

Our services are perfectly suited to UCAS applicants for even the most highly competitive courses such as Economics, Law, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics), and to both International students and UK home students alike.

Our expert service for you

With over 10 years of experience with UCAS admissions support, we were one of the first teams to offer online services. Our unmatched quality of editing and reports from some of the best editors in the business has earned us a strong reputation as the most popular UCAS personal statement support website online.

At you will work

together with your own individual UCAS expert selected from Oxbridge and other top UK Universities who will give you tailor-made advice to produce a statement that is unique, well-written and plagiarism-free. Choose from our two highly-successful UCAS personal statement support packages, The Checker and The Editor.


There are many websites offering personal statement examples and personal statement samples. These encourage plagiarism which is often caught out by the UCAS Copycatch Similarity Detection software. Plagiarism is treated very seriously by Universities so we ask that you do not copy phrases and sentences from these sample personal statements and risk being rejected. The best way to create a winning personal statement is to keep it unique and individual.

We know how difficult it can sometimes be to create an original personal statement without re-using phrases from sample personal statements. This is why our Checker and Editor packages are designed specifically to help and show you how to develop your own thoughts and ideas into a well-written personal statement.

Honest and Trustworthy

At we are strongly against plagiarism; our services are designed to polish and perfect your personal statement. We do not offer personal statement samples or examples which are open to plagiarism. With the Checker you will receive feedback on your personal statement in the form of an opinion report with sentence-by-sentence feedback and suggestions. With the Editor you will receive a highly-enhanced version of your own personal statement along with an opinion report detailing the changes and giving further suggestions for improvement. We do not re-use paragraphs or sentences so you can be assured that your personal statement is 100% unique, individual and personal’.

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