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Sports Betting Odds strives to offer the highest and most competitive sports betting odds in the online sports books industry. Below you will find our current sports betting odds for each wager type and the corresponding payout. Our parlay payouts and teasers payouts are set higher than the industry standard, which is set by the Las Vegas sportsbooks. Check them out below and begin winning more now!

Straight Betting Odds

A wager on a game or event in which a team (or total, player, etc.) is selected to win against the point spread, odds or a combination of both.

Betting Point Spread

The two most popular ways of expressing odds in American football are point spreads and money lines.

When you look at a point spread, you will see one team with a negative number and one team with a positive number. Remember, for sports betting purposes, points are subtracted from the favorite team's final score to determine if the favorite is a winner. That is why the favorite team is always listed with a negative number.

As you might expect, the reverse is true for the underdog. The underdog team is given a positive number because points are added to the underdog team's final score to determine if the underdog is a winner for purposes of the sports bet. Events that tie are considered "no action" - no one wins or loses. Let's look at an example:

The New England

Patriots are playing the New York Jets. The Patriots are expected to win the game and the spread is 6. So, you see the Patriots listed as -6 and the Jets listed as +6. You place a bet on the Patriots. If the Patriots win by more than 6 points, you win the bet. If the Patriots only win by 6 points, then the game is considered "no action" and all money is returned. If the Patriots win by less than 6 points, you lose the bet.

Point Spread with Odds (i.e. golf matchups). A combination of the two above. The selection must win by the point spread, and the payoffs are calculated by the odds.

Parlay Betting Odds

A parlay is a group of straight bets or totals combined into one bet. For the parlay to be a winner, all of the individual parts of the parlay need to win. You can mix different sports on the same parlay.

Parlays Payoffs- Parlay wager payoffs depend on how many teams are selected and the odds on those teams. Payoffs for football and basketball at odds of -110 are shown in the table below. If there is a tie in one or more of your individual parts, then the wager steps down to the next lower number of teams.

If a two-team parlay has a tie and a winner, then the parlay pays off at straight wager odds on the winning selection.

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