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Excel /Use of "nested" SUMIF statements

how many nested if statements in excel


Expert: Jeff Kamps - 5/5/2004


Good morning Jeff, I have a question regarding the use of "nested" SUMIF statements in Excel.

I know that you can nest "IF" statments in Excel

however is it possible to nest "SUMIF" statements?

If so, can you give me an example of the syntax.

Thanks for your assistance,



Mark, I don't use that function for much, so I'll tell you what I know.

When a nested function is used as an argument, it must return the same type of value that the argument uses. For example, if the argument returns a TRUE or FALSE value, then the nested function must

return a TRUE or FALSE. If it doesn't, Microsoft Excel displays a #VALUE! error value.

With the Sumif function, you have a range which can't be a formula, a criteria, which could meet the specifications of criteria which are a number, expression or text, and the sum range, which is usually the range.

So if it was possible, it would have to be the criteria used. That said, I can create a formula that returns a value, but it isn't very useful. Here's that formula:


I just had values in D1:D5 starting at 50, and in E1:E5 starting at 105 (both increasing by 1). The formula returns 107.

Maybe you can make use of that.

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