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How many stocks should i buy

how many stocks should i buy

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Today, the court summoned the director of one of the largest real estate agencies "Square Meter". In 2012, Igor Merkulov said in an interview with "notebook" that his company has the largest number of certified specialists Ministry of Justice. "We are more of them than any other agency in the country," - he said.

Bribes passed through a third party

With the former head of the Bar and licensing Galina Grishkovets he knew since 1987 - served in a military unit with her ex-husband.

The relationship between officials and businessmen formed the workers and friendly. Merkulov on work often in the Ministry of Justice, often came into the office to Galina.

In 2013, he was approached by his deputy

Alexander Goroschenya, whose wife worked in the same agency "Square Meter". Wife had a law degree and would like to obtain a certificate realtor.

Goroschenya, who is also a witness in the case, said: "In our environment, it was rumored that those who self-handed, had absolute failure. But if for you someone will ask, perhaps, and hand over."

"Ask" for Olga Viagra was Igor Merkulov. He appealed to Viagra, and she responded that the issue is worth 1000 dollars. The couple quickly gathered the required amount and the director of the agency through the clerk handed over the money. She, in turn, provided the examination multiple-choice test. The text is printed deputy head of Natalia Berezovsky, who is being held in the case of the second defendant.

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