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  • “The staff at the DC Dentist was thrilled to be a part of the 2014 Green Festival at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Not only were we able to share our experience of working within a holistic and sustainable dental office, but we were able to attract several new patients at the event. It was a wonderful experience for everyone who was involved and we cannot wait to participate again next year.” – The DC Dentist
  • “We have been going to the Green Festival for 9 years, since our business first opened. Over the years, we've met festival attendees who've become amazing customers, supporters, and employees of our green business. Not only that, but the annual festivals have really built up the community of eco-entrepreneurs in our region, and increased demand for sustainable products and services. … Green Festivals definitely contributed to our growth and success!” – Community Forklift

  • “Participating at the Green Festival NYC for two years in a row helped our Social Enterprise: KENZA International Beauty, providing Organic Moroccan Oils, get recognized not only by the Organic beauty industry but also by the growing number of green beauty customers. We hope to grow enough to be able to participate in all the Green Festivals: Washington, Chicago, and Los Angeles.” – KENZA International Beauty

  • “Our long standing relationship with Green Festival proves to be successful year after year. Green Festival allows us to get in front of sustainably conscious consumers who are anxious to hear about our products, meet our people and learn about the steps Clif Bar and Company takes to better our planet.” – Marcie Winkler (Marketing Manager, Clif Bar)

  • "Audi is excited to be a part of the longest-running Green Festival Expo in the United States given our long-standing passion towards alternative fuel sources and green technology," said Loren Angelo, director of marketing, Audi of America. "Green Festival is a great experiential marketing event series to present our all-electric, blended hybrid and gasoline models in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland, and we are eager to offer attendees an opportunity to test drive eco-friendly cars, such as the all-new Audi A3 Sportback e-tron plug-in hybrid, and transform the way they drive."

  • “I absolutely loved being a volunteer speaker at one of the largest and longest-running sustainable green events in the world. It was truly an honor to partake in, and witness a unique assembly of large and small companies, organizations and groups committed to provide green solutions that benefit the people and the planet.” – Holistic Coach Collette Gee

  • Tick Tock Naturals is grateful for the platform that the New York City Green Festival has brought to our company as well as other natural product companies all focused on finding solutions that can work to save our planet. Thank you for a successful first Green Festival for Fire Cider, we'll see you in DC!

  • It was an honor to be invited to speak about ‘Reimagining Health in America’ at Chicago Green Festival. Our message of hope and innovation was very well received by the Green Festival audience, and has sparked meaningful dialogue about new scalable & sustainable solutions to improve our nation’s health, especially population health approaches tapping faith communities, digital health and food innovations. Thank you Green Festival! – Keith Wakeman, Cherry Street Innovation

  • “Green Festival New York was an amazing experience. The positive vibe from the public was overwhelming, and the selection of colleagues made staying at our booth difficult - we wanted to visit everybody! The staff is amazing, and they were super helpful from pre-launch to pack-out, and we are delighted to be able to continue our relationship with The Green Festival in cities all over the country” – David Goodman, Founder, Coco Jack

  • “The Green Festival is a great opportunity for local businesses. Our office did more business with the Green Festival than any other festival or marketing endeavor ever. I am still catching up with new business from the Green Festival about 3 weeks after the event. We have been able to get the message of the Triad Of Health out to far more people through our interactions with the Green Festival than we ever would have otherwise. The public is starving for solutions to their chronic health concerns and Green Festival attendees probably would not ever have found out about our office and the services that we offer had we not been able to attend and present the Cholesterol Myths to Green Festival attendees. Thank you for having our office at your event and for asking us to speak on the widely misunderstood Cholesterol Myths that have been plaguing the world for the last 20 years due to the greed and recklessness of large pharmaceutical companies and their misinformation campaigns.” – Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff, DC, DIBAK, Chiropractic Kinesiologist, Female Hormone & Thyroid Specialist

  • “Our experience at Greenfest, was a joyful reminder that our Fair Trade products are special. Up until now, we have been an online-only business. But watching how customers loved our products in person was our inspiration to open a brick and mortar storefront The One Eyed Turtle, in Allentown, NJ. We chose an historical site and are preparing to open this month! Thank you Greenfest Customers! And thank you Greenfest organizers!” – The ONE EYED Turtle

  • This was our first year to participate in this inspiring and important event that brings together the most innovative and amazing people and businesses in the Los Angeles area under one roof. We felt welcomed and supported in every way possible from the organizers, volunteers, vendors and customers. We are truly grateful and honored to be part of such an event and hope to be back next year! It is enlightening to be part of the global community of sustainability and Green Festivals has been and continues to be the glue that brings us all together. - Annie Goeke, Earth Rights Institute

  • “Mission Be, Mindful Education Inc. really enjoyed participating at the Green Festival. We really had an amazing time and met a beautiful group of people. We feel that this event really helped us create a nice network of new connections in NYC that will help grow our business. We are also grateful for the gracious team of folks that put this together. It was well organized and easy to set up and be a part of this experience. Because of the brilliance, kindness and generosity of the leaders at Green Festival Expo we will be able to reach more children by bringing the practices of mindfulness to children in New York!

  • Since Green Festival, Tomato Sushi has really grown. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts have swelled with followers from all over the world. We have major groups like PETA, Sea Shepard, and Black fish following us! Also, Cornell University has approached Tomato Sushi to speak at their annual vegan conference, as well as the SF Veg Festival. Our Kickstarter campaign is about 50% funded in 2 days! And we are in talks with other backers as well. I wanted to let you know this because our success really speaks to what a great venue the Green Festival is. Being a part of your event completely changed our business into something much more. We would not be where we are today if it were not for the platform that your venue offers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Tomato Sushi

  • “It was our first time attending Green Festival NYC, and we couldn't have been happier. There were hundreds of green vendors with innovative sustainable products. We were blown away, and will definitely be back next year!” – NYC WasteMatch and ReuseNYC (our sister program)

  • "We THANK YOU and your entire team for doing so much to make another spectacular GF in DC! We're so glad to see how the event brings to the DC area and also how much attention and attendance you are receiving from the local area. The Vegetarian Society of DC is especially glad that there is such a strong connection to diet by having all the food vendors offer meat-free food, particularly vegan food and so many pro-vegan companies. As we all know, our society's use of animals for food devastates the planet in such overwhelming, staggering, and unimaginable ways - mostly unknown by the vast majority of the population. THANKS again for working so hard and having such a successful event. VSDC looks forward to continuing the partnership we've established since year 1 in DC." With very best wishes - Saurabh for VSDC

  • “The Green Festival was an astonishing collection of organizations, groups, and businesses big and small, all ready to meet the hundreds of people drawn in from across the world. It was a wonderful experience meeting and introducing our organization to people with varying knowledge and interests. It is important to share green solutions, green alternatives and how people can get involved. The Green Festival embodied this.” – Alexandria Nieves, Volunteer Coordinator, Bronx River Alliance

  • “As a pre-revenue garage startup without a shipping product, we weighed the investment required to attend Green Festivals versus market research and advertising costs. Attending seven Green Festivals over two years during our product development cycle has transformed our strategy and influenced product development. Even without shipping product, we have attracted almost 1000 Facebook Likes and several hundred mailing list names. From a brand management perspective, Solar Greens Company has found a great partner with Green Festivals to launch My Terrace Farmer and our crowdfunding campaign. The staff has been responsive and supporting, treating our tiny company like family by introducing us to valuable media contacts.” – Solar Greens Company

  • “I'm honored to present my hemp documentary film BRINGING IT HOME at Green Festivals around the U.S. It's an incredible sustainability event bringing together diverse attendees, interesting speakers and environmental conscious healthy products to create positive energy and awareness!” – Linda Booker, Director of “Bringing it Home" Documentary and Green Festival Presenter

  • “It was great to be a part of the NYC and Washington DC Green Festivals! We made a lot of good contacts and thoroughly enjoyed the event. The organizers did a super job and the traffic flow was wonderful!” – Three Bluebirds

  • “Green Festival is a great partner in getting our brand and products in front of motivated consumers. Their organized and established approach makes exhibiting easy and effective.” – Ashley Paul, Marketing Coordinator for Hope Foods

  • “The Green Festivals are one of our favorite events where we can network with green, eco, and sustainability experts from around the world in cities all over the United States. We're so excited to be a part of each one and always look forward to meeting the amazing raw food and health enthusiasts who care as much as we do about what happens to the world we live in.” – Tamra Carter, CMO Executive Assistant / Event Coordinator, Sunwarrior

  • The Green Festival is the only conference that the team here at Expert DOJO won’t miss every year. Not only is it a wonderful conference with high attendance and great quality attendees but we feel like we are part of real positive change in the world and you can’t put a price on that. I would recommend any business thinking of exhibiting to just go ahead and reserve their spot. Like us they won’t regret it. Brian Mac Mahon, Chief Community Officer, Expert DOJO

  • “Nativekrafts loved the response and wholesale leads.” – Nativekrafts

  • “Through the Green Festivals we not only reach our warm market of vegans and vegetarians, but the growing number of consumers interested in new, innovative concepts in many categories, including food! At Green Festivals, we meet a growing number of consumers who are looking for more plant-based food options that are not necessarily vegan or vegetarian. The Green Festival attendee is proactive!” – Eugene Wang, Founder Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Seafood

  • “Our sustainable candle company was only 4 months old when we first exhibited with Green Festivals in LA. We were approached by ecoconscious consumers, other exhibitors and wholesalers and almost sold out of everything we made! Green Festivals allowed us to build quality connections and gain exposure that would not have been possible otherwise.” – Justin Puda & Jessica Waters (Founders Earthlite)

  • “We are so happy to be part of Green Festivals; an event that brings so many environmentally conscious people and forward thinkers together in the same place. Each festival gets better and better; and we love the opportunity to network and be part of a great event.” – Nubian Heritage

  • Since exhibiting at Green Festival NYC in 2014, we've had a huge jump in sales largely due to the fact that we were exhibting right in front of our target audience. After having so much success the first year it was a no-brainer to take part in Green Festival NYC again this year and we also signed up for Green Festival DC! We expect to have a long relationship with Green Festival for years to come!

  • “We love coming to Green Festival and find it a perfect venue to get the word out on our vegan adventure tours in Asia. Not only do we get a chance to meet many attendees who are interested in a green lifestyle and who may not have heard about our company before, but we also get to meet fellow exhibitors who we share a common goal and social interests with. We look forward to exhibiting at many more Green Festivals for years to come.” – Vegan Adventure Tours

  • “The 2014 Green festival allowed

    my family to have a weekend of learning about living and eating healthy. Not just that. To be inspired while doing it. Of course, there were over 50 speakers that I would have liked to be hearing from again and again while sampling on healthy snacks. What I really liked were the enormous bean bags where children could rest while listening to cartoons and age-appropriate speakers about how to have fun and live a balanced life. My family was raving about it too. So will you too, if you will be attending the 2015 Green Festival in Washington DC in June. Did I tell you that one of my coworkers volunterreed for the event and got the scenes too. Lucky her.” – Dr. A Monica Dorhoi, Risk Specialist working on financing sustainability environmental and energy projects around the world.

  • “This is our second year attending Green Festival in DC and this year, like last year, we had a ton of booth traffic from attendees eager to learn! It gives us the unique opportunity to have direct interaction with current and future homeowners about a highly effective, environmentally responsible alternative for Termite Control. Not to mention the networking opportunities and valuable information you share with fellow exhibitors!” – J. Adamson, the Sentricon(R) System

  • “Thank you to all the folks who put on the DC GreenFestival in 2014. We had fun, met loads of cool people, all doing different kinds of great green things. What a wonderful opportunity for businesses as well as anyone wanting to connect with sustainable businesses and products.” – Prior Unity Garden

  • “This year’s DC Green Festival was the best one yet. I had the opportunity to learn about all kinds of new and innovative eco-friendly products, try fabulous food samples, and hear from great speakers. I especially appreciate the way that the Green Festival supports the local community and non-profits with its Community Award. Can’t wait for next year!” – Sacha Cohen, President, Grassfed Media

  • Green Fest is the best. We met so many amazing people. We're so excited about our opportunities for growth we have now because of the conversations we had during Green Fest – Adam Zmick, Executive Director - Gardeneers

  • “This is our first year joining Green Festival and the response was overwhelming. It's great to be surrounded by companies that have similar green goals. And we've received such great responses from new vegans, vegetarians, and health conscious consumers. It was a great experience and we definitely look forward to the event next year.” – May Wah

  • “Green Festival allows our company to successfully connect with inspiring nutritionalists, health coach practitioners, our fans and future consumers. We use this event to grow our brand recognition and market share in each city, and share our product’s story with health-conscious and green-living attendees that Green Festival attracts.” – Siri Baldeep Kaur (Field Marketing Manager for Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips)

  • “I try never to miss presenting at a Green Festival because of the spirit and enthusiasm of the attendees and the professionalism and support of the Green Festival staff. Green Festival is not just a place for health nuts, it’s a welcoming place for everyone to come and gain information about living a brighter, healthier lifestyle.” – Leslie Durso

  • “Green Festival was a fantastic venue to debut the SunFriend, the wearable UV/Sun monitor that keeps you safer in the sun without chemicals and helps you optimize your vitamin D levels naturally! Being able to tell when you have enough sun for the day resonated with the "green" crowd.” – UVA+B SunFriend

  • “This was our First Green Festival and needless to say, we will be back next year! The show was amazing, the vendors top notch and we are continuing to get orders from companies and individuals who attended. This is the most important Festival a Green Company should attend.” – Violets are Blue

  • “We love participating in the Green Festival. We meet so many new volunteers, members, and donors whom otherwise would have no idea we are doing the work we do for healthy food, food access, and a clean Earth.” – Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture

  • “Volkswagen of America is proud to be partnering with Green Festival Expo given our shared commitment to sustainable innovation,” said Vinay Shahani, VP Marketing, Volkswagen of America. “Green Festival Expo is the perfect platform for us to offer test drives of our new all-electric, zero-tail pipe emissions e-Golf in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland. We are confident that attendees will find driving these eco-friendly cars to be a fun, cost-efficient way to incorporate sustainability into their lives.
  • I enjoyed the opportunity to make a presentation on the benefits of sustainable investing to a receptive audience. Attending the Green Festival is a wonderful opportunity to see an assortment of ways we can work together to preserve the planet and meet some great people. - Tom Nowak, Principal - Quantum Financial Planning LLC

  • “Green Festival is an important part of the marketing support for our two brands - O Organics and Bright Green. The sustainability focus of the Festival and the corresponding demographics of the people attending the shows, provides both an excellent opportunity to educate the public about our brands and the perfect venue to sample new products. In lieu of a large consumer research budget, Green Festival also allows us to connect one on one with sustainability-minded consumers.” - Keith Holloway, Senior Brand Manager, O Organics and Bright Green

  • "We Act Radio was a proud media sponsor of one of the most diverse DC Green Fest Expos ever! The 2015 electric BMW i3 test drive has resulted in the selection of our first promotional vehicle! Kymone Freeman, Co-founder"

  • “We were truly blessed to be a part of Green Festival in Chicago this year! The event allowed us to spread the word about domestic rabbits, their care and educating the public in a way that we never could. The event also gave us a chance to give our organization exposure in a way that was unimaginable before! We met people from all over, some that never have never seen a rabbit in real life before, and others that shared fond memories of their companion bunnies. Because of Green Festival, we have given people the chance to see hands on what a joy a rabbit can bring. Some people were even interested in adopting a rabbit as a companion animal! We can’t thank the wonderful people at Green Festival enough, this was by far the greatest event we have had the honor of being a part of! ” – Brian Duda, President of The Sweet Bunny Project

  • "I would like to thank you and Corinna and the amazing staff for inviting me to be part of your Green Festival! It is a real pleasure for me to take part in this very interesting event that has true meaning around the world. And of course, to have the opportunity to speak to all of you and your audiences about Sustainability in the Entertainment Business and how we can all contribute to a green future. Green is life. Green is balance. Green is harmony. Green is a life force" - Antonio Saillant, Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group "

  • “Our presence at the DC Green Festival allowed us to personally interact with a large number of perfect customers for our eco-friendly upholstery. It allowed us to show samples and let people touch and feel our products, taking it offline and to the public. The show staff was very supportive, and everyone we came in contact with was very professional.” – Ken Fonville, EcoSelect Furniture – Custom Leather & Hemp Sofas, Loveseats, and Chairs

  • “I would highly suggest that you come to San Francisco and attend Green Festival. This consumer show really gives a boost in sales in the Bay Area stores for about three months after the show.” – Doug Speakman, President of Sunshine Specialties Northern CA

  • “As a newer brand, Green Festival gave us the platform to connect with sustainable-minded and vegan consumers who want to meet us personally to hear our story of why we are passionate about making a difference in how busy families are eating at home through real, plant-based meal helpers and healthy eating ideas. In the process, we have met other inspiring brands and festival organizers who have been immensely helpful as we innovate and expand our sustainability footprint.” – Deboleena (Deb) Dutta, Founder and CEO, HerbNZest LLC

  • “We had a great time exhibiting at the Green Festival in NYC. It is a one of a kind event, with a great atmosphere, and a lot of visitors. We have made a lot of professional connection and got a great feedback on our guide from the attendees.” –

  • “We loved participating in the Green Festival this year and were honored to be a part of America's largest sustainability and green living event. We are committed to creating foods that are beneficial, sustainable, and nutritious, and we were thrilled to share this desire to create a positive impact with Green Festival exhibitors and attendees alike. Thank you to Green Festival for organizing such a successful event--we will definitely be back!” – NUWI

  • I'd like to thank Green Festivals for providing us a platform to share our dream of forming creative and informed leaders in the sustainable development movement, The opportunity to connect with hundreds of current and potential leaders from all ages and walks of life was everything we dreamed of. Over the three day festival we had almost 200 people come to our table to sign up for our free online course. Our panel discussion presented an opportunity to share our vision with potential partners and clients, and has led to exciting new opportunities for collaboration. Another incredibly useful aspect were the free advisory sessions with dozens of experienced specialists representing different business areas such as marketing and fundraising. As we get this project off the ground, their advice and critique of our model and strategies have proven to be invaluable. We look forward to collaborating with the Green Festival in the future, and are excited about the role this visionary event can play in the continued growth of our program, and in the development of sustainable development leaders for generations to come. - Zachary Towne-Smith, Earth Rights Institute

  • “Exhibiting at a marketplace of kindred minds while working alongside of great people makes the effort to be [at Green Festival] worthwhile. I wish it could go on for a week.” – Melissa Kenney, NYR Organic Independent Consultant

  • "The DC Green Festival is almost like a family reunion – bringing together a community of those who want to make the world greener from so many different perspectives. We love the opportunity to meet our readers and introduce our magazine, Natural Awakenings DC to so many more people." - Robin, Publisher of Natural Awakenings DC "

  • Fair Trade LA has just launched a campaign to make the City of Los Angeles the largest Fair Trade City in the country. The LA Green Festival provided us the opportunity to share this effort, to educate interested consumers about Fair Trade and to present at workshops at the Green Festival on how Fair Trade can have a positive impact on human trafficking and sweatshop working conditions around the globe. - Fair Trade LA

  • “The 2014 Green Festival in NYC was our first time participating as a vendor. We found the Green Festival staff and their affiliates very helpful and supportive, permitting us to focus on reaching our target prospects and on growing our business. The event also allowed us to make valuable contacts. The festival attendees showed a lot of interest in Alapure’s products and we saw a nice boost of traffic to our website after the festival. We will definitely be a part of the event in the future!” – Alapure Cosmetics

  • "The City of Mount Rainier appreciated being an integral part of the Green Festival. The City has so many green features, businesses, sustainable practices and residents that keep the City Green that we wanted to shout it to the world!" - Veronica Owens, City of Mount Rainier Assistant City Manager

  • The Green Festival is an absolute must for any business serious about growing in a smart and sustainable way. There is no better event to get an edge on competitors by doing the right thing. Its our favorite business event of the year and we absolutely recommend everyone to go. - Brian MacMahon, Pay it Forward Labs

  • “We were so happy to showcase DF Mavens and introduce our dairy free, vegan ice cream to over 15,000 health conscious fans and let them experience a healthy alternative to dairy. We are looking forward to next year's event!” – DF Mavens

  • “I love exhibiting at the Green Festivals. The staff members are very pleasant and very communicative. This is the third time for Muffetta Naturals and every show has been a great experience. Well done. See you in New York and DC in 2015.” – Muffetta Naturals

  • “Anything Vegan LOVES being a part of the Green Festival! The energy from the crowd is amazing! Our cookbook is coming out in November and our delicious vegan cheeses that sell out every year at the Green Festival will be featured in it! Thank you GF for making the hard work of running a booth feel like fun with friends! Anything Vegan will definitely be back again next year!”– Anything Vegan

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