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how much are halifax shares worth

'How much is my house worth?' – It's a question that a lot of homeowners ask, especially when they're thinking of moving house or getting a new mortgage. We've developed our house price calculator to work it out in seconds.

In order to get an estimated value for your home, you just need to know the following:

  1. The purchase price or latest valuation of your house
  2. The date you bought the property or when it was last valued
  3. The location of the property

For that third option, you can simply select ‘UK Average’ but it’s best to select the area you live in for a more accurate value for your house.

Our house price calculator uses data from both the Halifax and Nationwide Building Society house price indices to give an average value, based on the region you live in.

Once you’ve given us the three bits of information from the list above, hit the blue ‘calculate’ button and you’ll see an instant display,

showing the Halifax value, the Nationwide value and an average of the two.

Beneath, you’ll also see a line graph displaying the change in house price values your purchase or last valuation date.

Whatever your results, this information can give you an idea of how the value of your home has changed over time, but remember that it’s only a guide. If you need a more accurate valuation you should contact a surveyor or estate agent. If you’re finding out what your house is worth prior to moving home or remortgaging. our expert advisers can help you find the right mortgage. We’ll search across the market to find you the right deal and we won’t charge you a fee for our advice.

For independent advice on the right mortgage, give us a call on 0800 953 0304 from your landline or 0330 3030 036 from your mobile.

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