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How much are nfl draft tickets

how much are nfl draft tickets

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Super Bowl Hangover: How to Get Tickets to the NFL Draft

February 4, 2014 at 9:41 AM | by kjb | ()

We totally understand if you’re feeling a little bit of football depression this week, as it’s going to be quite a few months until your NFL teams hit the gridiron once again. We realize that nothing can compete with a Sunday filled with a couple of games and plenty of snacks, but at least there’s the NFL Draft to keep you sane until the regular season rolls around.

You’ve still got a few months to go, as the first round of things kicks off at 8pm on Thursday, May 8. The fun takes place at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, so it’ll be as of the Super Bowl never left the area. If you muss out on the biggest names and cheers of the first round—don’t worry—the second through seventh rounds take place over the course of the following days.

If you’re interested in

attending that’s great, and that’s especially the case as in years past tickets have been free—if you can grab them.

Things haven’t been officially announced as of yet, but in years past those interested in scoring a seat need to obtain a wristband the night before on the 50th Street side of Radio City Music Hall. NFL officials will start passing things out that evening, so we’re thinking that the morning might be a good time to start lining up. It sounds like it’s one wristband per person, so grab a few friends and enjoy waiting in the line.

For those with a wristband—there’s still more waiting to be had—as on the day of the draft there’s the opportunity to line up once again beginning before the main event. Tickets will be handed out revealing seating locations, and it sounds like the tickets will be distributed at random. Finally the doors to the general public open up, as those lucky enough to have the wristband, ticket, and patience will gain access.

Just don’t forget your fan gear—especially if your team is shooting for the number one pick—and we’ll let you know when the details have been finalized.

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