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How much do accountants charge

how much do accountants charge

There is no way to accurately answer this question, without knowing more about your tax situation. I can say that I start at $250 for a tax return and the price may go up depending on how complex your return is, but I also have some clients that pay less, because their return truly is simple. (Past due returns do typically cost more, because there is an element of urgency that requires me to expedite the work)

I can tell you that most people think their return is simpler than it is, for example the individual who I just amended his 09 and 10 returns after he used DIY tax software. It is going to cost him $600, but he is getting $5,000 back in refunds, because his return was not as simple as he thought.

If your return truly does just involve W2 income and maybe some interest or dividend income, then I agree with Quora User buy Turbo Tax, unless you are one of those people who gets totally stressed out over software and/or numbers, in which case you would be one of the simple returns that I would probably give a break on fees to.

Most tax preparers will offer you a free consultation to look over your

information and give you an estimate of the fee to prepare your return, so my suggestion is contact one or a few and get some prices.


  1. Don't just decide based on price, be sure it is someone you are comfortable working with. For them to do a good job for you, you may need to share some dark ugly financial secrets with them.
  2. Look for credentials like CPA or EA. If they don't have credentials, they can't represent you in front of the IRS.
  3. Know that there are tax prep shops that are only open Jan-April, so if you think you may need to contact them at other times during the year, like if you own a business, take that into consideration.
  4. Be sure they give you a copy of your return and that they put their name at the bottom as a paid preparer and that they list their PTIN on your return.
  5. Many of the franchise tax prep shops have some very qualified people working there, but if you walk in off the street, you are probably going to have your return done by the most junior person in the office. Ask to speak to a senior associate or manager.

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