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How To Earn Finders Fees

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Veteran Finder Reveals How To Earn Finders Fees While Avoiding The Costly Pitfalls And Perils Of Starting A Finding Business

Does the name Adnan Kashogi, ring any bells? Although Kashogi came from a middle class family, he went to school with the children of oil-rich sheiks. During a television interview, Kashogi was asked how he learned how to earn finders fees and his answer may just cause you to fall out of your chair.

He revealed that at a very young age he had discovered how to earn finders fees by simply listening to his friends at school. He would overhear his school friends talking about what one father was seeking and whose father had that item. He would then ask for, and be paid, a "commission" (finder's fee) for introducing the fathers to one another.

As he grew older, the people who had paid him as a child remembered him and asked him to find more and bigger things for them now - such as Aircraft, Oil Field Equipment, Ships, etc. - paying him ever bigger profits. He revealed how he believed that anyone, with the right training, could learn how to earn finders fees and earn substantial profits just like he did.

The Right Training Can Help You Learn How To Earn Finders Fees

Two People - Two Finder Fees - One has a "buyer" looking for surplus, liquidations and closeout inventory. The other has a "seller" with a warehouse full of this type of merchandise (starting to smell a profits yet?). These smart people saw each other's advertisements in the same business newsletter and after just a few phone calls and letters, they each earned well over $25,000.
  • Would Trading Less Than $1 In Postage and A Few of Hours Easy Work Be Worth $100 to You? While reading a "collectors" magazine, this person came upon an advertisement seeking memorabilia from a college near his home. Making a few local phone calls, he located the items wanted, followed the same how to earn finders fees advice you will get in this one of a kind guide and earned an easy $100.
  • Would You Like to Learn How Another Person Earned $75,000 per Month for 5 Years? An entrepreneur saw a listing in a newsletter for Crude Oil - 10,000 barrels per day for 5 years. Following very same how to earn finders fee advice revealed in this guide he put a buyer at a small refinery together with the seller and earned a finders fee of 25 cents per barrel which collected him about $75,000 every month for 5 years.
  • Fast-Food Franchises Interest You? There have been many people who get finders fees paid to them each year, people just like you, who help large franchises locate new "locations" for restaurants, stores, etc. Others have earned smaller, but consistent profits, helping vending machines and coin operated games procure new locations. It takes some training, time, research, and an eye for consumer buying habits, the profits can be phenomenal.

  • Get Finders Fee Paid to You For Locating properties to manage

    There are companies that "manage" apartment buildings, mobile home parks, hotels, etc. for the absentee owners? These firms often pay sizeable finding fees to help them locate new properties to manage.

    Want to learn how to earn finders fees by simply matching Telephone Book Yellow Pages with Newspaper Classified Ads. One finder has done so each year by simply matching the available items the for sale items in Newspaper Classified Ads from neighboring towns with the Yellow Pages in his town.

    How creative are you when it comes to finding deals once you know how to earn finders fees without getting ripped off? How about this one: a company could not locate a buyer for a huge volume of lead weights they had stored for ages. Then a creative entrepreneur, i.e. finder, discovered the commercial fishing industry could use these weights. His reward was very substantial because he recognized an opportunity when he saw one - and you too can learn from a 40 year veteran finder how to discover these types of profitable opportunities, often right in your own town or city.

    You probably already know, there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of pieces of equipment and machinery sitting around, in every type of industry. Your opportunity (should you accept it and let a 40 year veteran finder mentor you on how to earn finders fees) is to find buyers for this machinery and equipment and get paid well for doing so.

    If a product or service can be sold or bought - with the "Right Know-How" You to Can Get Finders Fees Paid to you for bringing the buyers and sellers together

    There are profitable finder's fee opportunities in every town or big city, in every state and country. All you need to do learn how to "properly " match-up the buyers and sellers, get them together, and collect your profits.

    It does not matter whether you live in Podunk, or Metropolitan New York City, or on some beach in some remote area of the world, you can get finders fees paid to you now and for many years to come.

    And all you really need is a computer, business letterhead, a telephone and the how to earn finders fees knowledge of a 40 year veteran in the business.

    What Exactly Is A FINDING BUSINESS ?

    Many of the people who claim to have a finder's fee business really do not know the answer to this question!

    Unfortunately, most people enter into this field 'thinking' they know it all because they read a one page report on a web site somewhere. After reading a one page report by someone who has never earned a "single dollar" as a finder, their brains are filled with sugar plum fantasies of wealth and riches. They now "know it all" and "do not" need to invest in any "real" training on how to earn finders fees and they go full speed ahead to falling flat on their face.

    To define what a Finder "is," you first need to know what being one "is not.":

    A FindING Business Does NOT PRE-SELL. Pre-sellers purchase products from their source, then add-on a reasonable profit margin and after they have sold it, they have it shipped to the buyer.
  • A Finder's fee business is NOT a DEALER. Dealers take a service, or product, for continuing sales and promotion. Dealers are responsible for distribution of the service, or product, from the primary source to the buyer or end user.
  • A Finder fee Business is NOT being an AGENT or REPRESENTATIVE for the seller or buyer. Agents and representatives are authorized by their clients to negotiate the sale, or purchase, of specific services and/or products.

  • Too many "supposed" finders are nothing more than Representatives, Agents, Salesmen, and/or Pre-sellers.

    Real finders fees are earned for doing nothing more than being paid to be a "match-maker". The professional finder simply matches QUALIFIED sellers with QUALIFIED buyers, or vice versa and gets paid to do so.

    Why Would A Company Pay You To Simply Match Them With A Buyer Or Seller?

    There are over 316,000,000 people in this country - and millions of them own businesses (small, medium or large). No company owner, CEO or President can 'honestly' claim to know of ALL potential buyers, sources of supply, or service providers? And if they do, move on because it will be a waste of your valuable time trying to convince them otherwise.

    You get finders fees paid to you for weeding-through the flakes and unqualified leads; by following all of the dead-end streets and eventually discovering the real, honest-to-goodness buyer, source, or whatever. That is what you, as a "real" finder, get paid to do. An individual or company pays you to do this work, so they do not have to chase all of those dead-ends, blind alleys and unqualified leads.

    Getting finders fees paid to your is much easier than you can imagine. but, if you do not know how to do it the right way, you will chase down all those

    dead ends never achieving a profitable match. That's what happens to the majority of amateur's - a lot of dead ends and earning nothing for their efforts.

    There are two (2) methods to learn to be a professional - you can learn the hard way by chasing countless dead end unqualified leads (earning nothing in the process) until you get it right - OR, you can GET YOUR.

    Questions Answered From A Veteran Finder With 40+ Years Experience

    Ron Coble here, owner of this web site and Coble International. Yes, I have worked and continue to work as a finder and get finders fees paid to us for doing so. The primary reason for adding a finder business as another stream of income is the step-by-step guide you are reading about here.

    What started out as a set of audio tapes recorded back in the 1980's by my good friend and mentor, Jim Straw, you now have the distinct advantage of being able to get Jim's vast finder's fee knowledge delivered to you electronically, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day so you can begin benefiting from his mentoring instantly downloadable tutorial guide within minutes of purchasing it.

    But, before going further, let me answer a couple of frequently asked questions:

    What is a typical finders fee?
    There really are no "typical finders fees" or "finder fee range" since every deal is different and like everything in life, everything is negotiable and is based on a different set of circumstances.
  • Is a finders fee agreements, contract, forms, or letters required to be successful?
    No. However, you may choose to use them if you wish (that is all part of being in your 'own' business). Jim carefully outlines in his digital how-to-tutorial how to build a paper trail that will stand up in any legal proceedings that might become necessary but most often, will not. I personally have used this Jim's method as well as finders fee agreements and have always been paid.
  • Does the digital guide provide an example of finders fee agreement?
    No. As mentioned above, Jim goes to great lengths in detailing how to earn finders fees by building paper trail to protect you and help ensure you get paid.
  • Where can you find finder fee listings or finder fee opportunities?
    Jim reveals various places to look and research, but quite frankly, finder fee opportunities are everywhere, however, one BIG CAUTION, you have to be extremely careful with most of what you find on the Internet as it is mostly scam artists trying to separate you from your money.
  • I perform a lot of marketing research and some of the terms people often search for when they are seeking finders fee opportunities are as follows:
    adviser finder fees
  • business brokering finders fees
  • business license finder fees
  • commercial real estate investors who pay finder fees
  • consultant finder fees
  • earn closeout finders fees
  • independent contractors and finders fees
  • real estate finders fee - these represent only a small portion of the search terms people use when looking for potential finder fee business and quite frankly, they are wasting their time as there are very few, if any, "legitimate" businesses that advertise their need to pay a finder's fee for what they need.

  • Jim Straw is now well over 80 years old - I have known Jim and worked with him for nearly 20 years now and can directly attribute much of my initial success in this business to the information that is now compiled into a valuable step-by-step digital manual that you can have sitting on your computer's hard drive shortly after purchasing it - so what are you waiting for?

    Learn From 40 Plus Years Of Finder Business Experience

    Look. I have personally dealt with the publisher of this training manual for 20 years and he has spent well over 40 years of his life earning finders fees - gathering the facts and doing what you need to do to be a professional and get paid in this unique business. Starting with a $42 check from the unemployment office, Jim went on to become a self-made multi-millionaire.

    During his 40-plus years, he experienced the mistakes most amateurs make - until he learned how to do it right. Now. you can save yourself a great deal of time and frustration by learning from his experience and begin by doing it right your first time.

    The training manual is NOT prepared from opinion, conjecture, or theory. It is taken from the actual practical and personal experiences.

    Jim has earned finders fee for locating everything from a World War II bayonet - for a collector - to finding qualified buyers for heavy machinery and oil field equipment. Now, all you have to do is follow the step-by-step methods outlined in his training manual and you too can soon be earning a very good income as a "professional" finder.

    One thing you should be forewarned - you will not find any "sugar-coated" fairy tales in this digital how to course, just the facts. This course manual does not leave you hanging. It does not leave you asking "how, where, what or who." This course answers all your questions. There is even a "special" method included to show you how you can profit from real estate deals without being an agent/broker.

    discover how Profitable the Finding business can be for You by making one of the best investments You ever make into "Your " Future

    Hey. at only $100.00. it is a small amount to invest in your future. Consider for a moment the cost of most college textbooks and courses - (many of which are written and taught based on untested theories) - here you are getting over 40 years of first hand knowledge and experience that will show you how to get paid a finders fee for merely bringing a buyer and a seller together.

    So don't you think it is about time to quit dreaming about being financially independent - do something towards your goal TODAY. Then just.

    "FINDER'S FEES - The Easiest Money You'll Ever Make "

    Available for Immediate Download - Worldwide .

    as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. -- When your order is completed, you will be given details to download this digital tutorial immediately -- Saves you shipping and handling charges and you get it Immediately!


    Extremely profitable finders fee opportunities are available right in your own local area has never been written before NOW. As a matter of fact, this was never mentioned in any of the materials our publisher read anywhere else in his 40 plus years in this business. So, now he has written it down to pass along to you and is including it as a "Special Bonus Report" entitled, "FINDER FEES Today & Every Day!"

    Why? Because he can no longer mentor people in the manner he did in his younger days, and he wants get this valuable information into the hands of everyone who are really serious and committed to becoming a successful in their own professional finder business.

    PLEASE - one cautionary note - after you learn this method, KEEP THIS TO YOURSELF. The fewer people who know about it (especially the amateurs), the more profitable it will be for YOU! This "Special Report " reveals methods that are only available to you by.

    Claiming your personal edition of the complete Finder's Fee course NOW.

    Available for Immediate Download - Worldwide .

    as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. -- When your order is completed, you will be given details to download this digital how-to guide immediately -- Saves you shipping and handling charges and you get it Immediately!

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