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How much is a wheel balance

how much is a wheel balance

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Alignment Cost

Alignments come in one of two forms: two-wheel and four-wheel alignments. Two-wheel, or front-end alignments, usually cost between $40 and $65, while four-wheel are $50 to $95 as of 2009. Costs vary depending on the shop doing the work and the equipment it uses. Alignments are primarily labor only jobs, so local market conditions dictate the price. Most repair shops run periodic specials or have coupons to help keep prices reasonable. Vans and some four-wheel-drive vehicles sometimes incur extra costs, so be sure to inquire about pricing before having work done.

Alignment Considerations

When a vehicle's tires are out of alignment, the tires wear more and unevenly, control suffers and fuel economy is reduced. Tires are often forced out of alignment after accidentally striking curbs, parking blocks, road debris and potholes. Once the tire is out of alignment, its orientation to the center-line of the vehicle is off-center. This may not always

be visible to the eye, but the effects on driving will be unavoidable.

Misalignment Signs

Although not always visible, indicators can show an alignment is necessary. Excessive tire wear is the major visible proof of need, but it can also be detected if the vehicle pulls to the left or right, has pronounced vibration or shimmy, or if the steering wheel is not centered when moving straight ahead. Most manufacturers suggest an alignment at 10,000 miles.

Additional Pricing Detail

Alignment cost often includes tire rotation to promote even tire wear. It may be tempting to only have a two-wheel alignment, but if the car is severely out of alignment, the back tires may degrade faster. Some establishments offer a warranty on alignments, and some also give lifetime alignments and rotations with the purchase of new tires.


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