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How much saw palmetto should i take for hair loss

how much saw palmetto should i take for hair loss

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Replacing my deleted Review of 11/03/2010 The Mag 515 is a std def (SD) DVD recorder (DVDR) with hard disk drive (HDD), DVD burner and digital tuners for antenna and cable TV. It's the 7th generation of a design that began in 2007 with the award-winning Philips 3575 designed specifically for the U.S. digital transition. All models in this series have had the same basic operating system and all were built by the same Japanese company, Funai Electric, Ltd. Basic features of the 515 include: -500GB HDD. -DVD burner. -NTSC/ATSC/QAM tuners for antenna or cable TV. -36 timer-rec programs. -DV input. -6-hour autorecord buffer. -Pause live TV & rewind live TV (w/buffer). -Chase play a recording in progress. -Simultaneous play & record. -Coax digital audio out. -1080p HDMI upconvert. -Amplified coax passthru of SDTV and HDTV signals. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * DIFFERENCES IN THIS MODEL: If you looked at or have one of the previous models in the sries… Philips 3575 > Philips 3576 > Mag 2080 > Mag 2160 > Mag 2160A > Mag 513… you might only need to know about the important improvements listed below: LARGER HDD - 500GB Holds 103-629 SD hours of recorded titles, depending on rec mode selected. DAY-OF-WEEK ADDED TO GENERIC TITLE Now includes the day-of-week each title was recorded on, which helps identify which of your favorite shows it is. but the best is NEXT item! AUTO-TITLE FOR TIMER RECORDINGS OUR #1 WISH! They added a third option to the timer "Program Change" menu. As an example, after setting a program for "CSI," click on that program in the timer list and select "Edit Title Name" option, then enter "CSI" in the same manner we title recordings now. "CSI" then gets transferred to the 1st line of that show's HDD Title (every recorded instance) instead of the previous generic date/time info. Now, with a show name, you can start catching up on your CSI episodes by going to the first "CSI" you see and not give a 2nd thought to date and time! TIMER PROGRAM SKIP Now has a "skip-one-time" option in the Timer Programming list/menu. "SKIP" is 1st item, which you can change for any program to a checkmark by arrowing up/dn, which indicates Skip is ON. Reverts to normal active program (Skip OFF or no checkmark) after that program is skipped once. You can set the checkmark again if you wanted to skip that program again. BETTER REMOTE CONTROL New remote, NC003UD. 29 of 47 buttons non-square (11 of 47 on 2160 & 513 remotes). Same rect. shape & size but larger buttons arranged better and spread out more over the available surface area, e.g. only 3 # buttons across top in same space as 4 before, so most

top buttons are now rectangular and

4 years, this same Philips/Magnavox HDD-DVDR design has proven to be a simple, reliable, and cost-effective way to record your daily and weekly shows on analog and digital channels, completely unattended, so you can go on a long vacation or business trip and you'll never touch a disc! It's the only device you'll need to copy your family's home movies or your DVR recordings to a stand-alone, no-monthly-fee HDD, where you can edit or not, then high-speed dub to DVDs for a perfect mirror-image of the original. You can also record/copy direct to DVD, if you prefer. You won't need a digital converter box wherever you've got one of these, and the HDD will spoil you rotten! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Be aware that the manual has several important omissions, errors and misleads, as described here: A few examples from that help file are: 1.UNDOCUMENTED: Making front- and end-cuts in Edit. In the Scene Delete menu, only REW stops on 1st frame and only PLAY and FF stop on last frame. 2160, 2160A and 513 also have a totally confusing and unnecessary auto-Preview after an End Cut that should be IGNORED. 515 doesn't have this! Here's the help file on Editing: 2. WRONG: Placing this recorder behind a cable box. It should be 1st on the incoming cable coax unless you order PPV/VOD thru the box, then you need a 2-way splitter on the incoming coax. It should NEVER be behind a cable box where it can only record the channel the box is tuned to. For info on Connections and placing this recorder 1st on the coax, see the CONNECTIONS subject in the list of help files: 3. MISLEADING: Recording 16:9 widescreen (WS) "as 4:3": It HAS TO record a 4:3 aspect IAW the DVD std, which was built on the old VHS std, but that std allows a combo of square/non-square pixels, variable horiz. rez, compression and decompression within that 4:3 frame. THAT'S what allows your HDTV to compress and stretch the 4:3 pic to natural 16:9 WS aspect when it's set on its "Wide" setting, i.e. some video hocus-pocus, and it looks beautiful! However, the DEFAULT setting for aspect ratio is 4:3 Letter Box in the Video > TV Aspect menu, and you have to change that to 16:9 Wide during setup or none of your recordings will be 16:9 WS! More on aspect and 16:9 WS is here: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * IF YOU NEED MORE INFO OR HELP ON ANYTHING, IT'S HERE: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Disclaimer: I don't represent or work for Funai in any capacity… or anyone else, for that matter. )

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