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How to add a tick in word

how to add a tick in word

The above method only works in newer versions of PPT and it doesn't work with curved shapes. If you try to add a connection or glue point to a curved shape it distorts the shape.

Here is a workaround for earlier versions of PPT and for curved shapes.

  1. Add a shape, any shape.
  2. Then away from the first shape add a circle shape and shrink it down as small as you can make it - you can use the Size tool to make it say 0.1cm - so that it is just a dot.
  3. To start with make sure the fill colour of the dot is different from the shape at point '1'.
  4. Amend the line (outline) colour of the dot so that it has no colour.
  5. Duplicate the dot a few times - sufficient for the number of connection points you want to add to the shape at '1'. They will become your new connection points.
  6. Then position the dots just

    inside the outer edge of the shape at '1' exactly where you want them to be.

  7. When you've done this and you're sure they're exactly where they should be, change the fil colour of all the dots to the same as the main shape at '1'. So that you can no longer see them.
  8. Now select and group the main shape at '1' and all the dots inside it together.

Finally add another shape, then a connector, and try connecting it to the main shape at the the postion where you've added one of your dots.

If this has worked both ends of the connector should be green, thus proving your dots are now acting as connection points.

If you're using a gradient fill for the main shape then the points will still be visible.

However if at point 8 where you group them altogether, you bring the main shape to the front thus masking the dots, it will still work.

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