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How to Ship a Car You Bought Online

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Most people these days have caught on to the deals they can receive on cars, trucks. and other vehicles by shopping online. Whether looking for a brand new car, a used replacement, or a rare make and/or model, the days of physical dealerships holding all the proverbial cards has passed. Nowadays, the best prices on cars can be found on the Internet, there’s just one small catch: shipping.

One of the biggest snags that car buyers run into when dealing with online purchases is figuring out how to ship a car bought online. While there are three major options for obtaining the car, shipping it, flying out to get it, or driving with someone else, it is the first of these choices that presents the most obstacles to potential buyers and sometimes makes them hesitant to shop online for cars. However, shipping a car you bought online can be done. There are clear steps that a buyer needs to take, however, to do so successfully.

The first step in shipping a car you bought online is taking the time to carefully evaluate all the options available rather than just assuming that the only choice

is shipping. In many cases, shipping a car should be a last resort, not the first option. And, while there are clearly cases, such as when the car is overseas, when shipping is the only choice, it is still a huge expense and a complicated process. Therefore, before moving on with shipping a car, carefully weigh it against the other options.

Driving to Pick Up a Car

The easiest way to retrieve a car bought online is through driving over with someone else and just picking up the car. This is clearly the best option for those with a ride and whose new cars are within a reasonable radius, say a few hundred miles. Buyers who purchased their cars through a dealer can arrange to meet at the dealership and get all of the paperwork completed within one day.

Flying to Pick Up a Car

It is the option of flying to pick up a car that is the one most people weigh against shipping the car. Before moving on in the process of shipping, take the time to review the positives and negatives of shipping vs. flying to pick up a car and carefully consider which is more valuable.

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