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How to avoid betfair premium charge

how to avoid betfair premium charge

Portuguese Betfair Player has account closed despite moving to Ireland

A Portuguese player has written SBR to detail a complaint against Betfair (SBR rating A-). The player has wagered with Betfair for over a year, dating back to when he physically resided in Portugal. As Betfair no longer accepts Portugal residents following Betfair's decision to suspend service in Portugal, the player had his account closed.

Betfair Sportsbook bettor claims deposit & winnings confiscated

A Betfair (SBR rating A-) player has submitted a tennis betting dispute. The player deposited €130 and wagered on an International Tennis Federation (ITF) doubles match at the odds of 6 (+500). His account was then abruptly closed without word from the sports betting website.

Betfair punter submits Wimbledon betting dispute

Update: Betfair has since corrected the grading of this Wimbledon betting market. A Betfair (SBR rating A-) punter has submitted a wagering complaint against the popular betting exchange. The player wagered on a Wimbledon tennis match between Watson and Garcia. The bet was on there being a tiebreak in set three; though there are curious circumstances at play.

Betfair Trader's Horse Racing Wagering Dispute

A Betfair (SBR rating A-) trader has written to Sportsbook Review with a wagering complaint. The player registered at betting exchange Betfair on June 4 to wager on Louisiana track, race 1. Three minutes

prior to post time, he states that Betfair removed a runner from the card (horse number 6) without any explanation. The horse ran and should not have been scratched, says the player.

WBX Betting Exchange Announces Closure; Players to be Paid

Betting exchange WBX (SBR rating B) has closed. Players with balances at WBX should log-in and withdraw their funds. WBX posted a notice on their homepage last night making the announcement. The statement explained WBX endeavored to compete with Betfair, but the regulatory climate and rising costs necessitated their closure. | Read statement

Betfair problems, SBR posters report glitches

Betfair suspends player account and debits €32,000 in premium fees

Betfair (SBR rating A) has charged a player €32,000 in premium fees. On December 2nd, the player's account was suspended. On December 15th, Betfair reopened the account after debiting the player's account for what it said was "suspicion of premium charges evasion". The player states that he has only bet in 150 markets over the last 4 months, and therefor should not have to pay the assessed fee. Betfair justified its seizure to the player by stating that he and four other accounts from his country made similar market bets. The player denies having any relationship with the other four account holders. Betfair responded to SBR's request for comment by stating the following:

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