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This article on Hair Color Disasters is the original information which was written on this topic back in 2002. It has been updated on a regular basis to include new information.

Why Does Hair Color Hold Such Fascination?

Why does hair color hold such fascination? Hair color can be that amazing magic wand that instantly transforms dull mousy locks into glorious golden lights that shimmer and shine. It can also instantly erase years of age by covering gray, adding depth to fading colors and cranking up overall shine.

Time has not lessened the power of hair color. Currently Clairol makes more than 70+ different shades of just blonde hued hair colors.

Although hair color has the fabulous power to transform a mousy brunette into a fiery redhead, beautiful blonde or classy raven beauty, with pleasure often comes pain. Permanent hair dyes with a high chemical composition may stress and dry out the best of hair.

Even worse, hair color can sometimes go horribly wrong. Whether applied at home or the highest priced salon in town, hair color can sometimes take a bizarre detour and come out any hue, but the one that we hoped for. While hair color disasters are much more common at the hand

of bathroom hair wizards, master colorists can sometimes have a bad color day. Yes, it happens.

Many hair consumers make the mistake of thinking that hair color is infallible and will always come out looking just like the hair color of the beautiful model on the box. There is nothing further from the truth. Another misconception is that anyone who can do hair can do color. Again, not true.

Master colorists are an unusual and rare breed of one part hair expert and one part artist. The best colorists are often gifted with natural talents to transform a drab head of hair into a work of art.

Possible Problems

If you are experiencing hair color horrors you developed them because of one of two possible paths:

1. You went to a professional stylist or colorist and came out with a color disaster.

2. You were swept away by a hair color advertisement and did the dirty color deed to yourself in the privacy of your home.

It is important to point out that there is a major distinction between home haircoloring and professional haircoloring. Many consumers think that there is very little difference. This is not true. The differences are many and somewhat complex.

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