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Tennis Racquet Technology: How The Big 4 Differ

Seen as though there’s still a few days before Roger takes to the court in Hamburg and inspired by a comment from Alvi I thought I’d do something a little different and blog about the equipment, particularly the racquets, that the top 4 guys use.

A lot of talk recently from both fans and pundits has been about Roger’s racquet only been a 90sq” head and many think he should move up to a bigger frame to handle the modern game. A lot think he’s living in the past and he’s let technology pass him by somewhat which in turn has cost him matches against guys like Nadal, Murray and Djokovic who are using the latest advancements to improve their game.

I’m personally slowly coming round to the idea of Roger

trying out a 95sq” racquet and seeing what happens as I think he should at least try it. I don’t think it’s imperative however but just something that might be worth a shout, afterall he’s willing to make big changes to his schedule to try get back into form so surely testing a new racquet wouldn’t be a bad call? I mean look at Verdasco who moved to Babolat racquet just a month ago and made his first Quarter Final at Wimbledon losing in 5 sets to Murray, a match he arguably should have won.

Anyway, let’s look at what the top guys use and how it aids their game. And yes, I am aware Roger is currently outside the Top 4 but nobody is interested in what racquet Ferrer uses

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