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How to balance a fishing rod

Powerful Extra-Sensitive Telescopic Fishing Poles made of High Modulus Carbon Manufactured In Japan.

The quality of the fishing rod you hold and the line you use are the two things that affect your sense of feel. The rod blank and action determine the amount of vibration that travels from the bait up through the line to the hand. Performance and comfort are extremely important. A quality rod is worth the price and using nice rod will increase your fishing success. It is always better to purchase one best quality fishing rod instead of using the same amount of money to buy several cheaper rods.

These telescopic fishing poles of the highest quality are lightweight and incredibly strong, thanks to a High Modulus Graphite Carbon manufactured in Japan, using Japanese Design, Engineering and Technology. We all know that when design and engineering are concerned the Japanese technology is still the best in the world by far. Special low resin high tension graphite on the blank are added for an outstanding power. Extra Cross wave enchancement graphite lays on the surface of joint added for the security. Accurate weight calculation of each section builds this a good balance fighting match.

Very Light Weight allows fishing all day without arm fatigue, to be able to concentrate ground baits in very small areas of water and be able to fish outside, over or above of your feed area with the utmost accuracy. Flexibility and Extra Fast, Fast or Medium Action makes these poles perfect for casting light float rigs; It allows you to see the most delicate fish bites. Power helps you actually fight the big fighter. Length allows to get you deep into the brush where large fish hide, It allows to get the live baits or spoons in hard to reach places where reel rod can't.

Catching big fish on the pole is very challenging. You can land realy big one and the advantages in skilful bait presentation are outstanding. Pole fishing can be used to catch almost all fish, they are excellent for Bass fishing or Crappie fishing using live bait on a lake, great for Trout fishing with a dry fly on a streams or rivers, Carp fishing using corn or worms on a pond, snapper (baby bluefish) on the shore or Striped Bass on a bay.

Pole Fishing is an art form. Poles provide a level of precision

that a rod with reel just can't produce. You can’t even imagine the fun you got when gently move the pole against the fish to strike, ship the line to you, swing the fish to hand, unhook, re-bait and place pole back in the water ready for the next fish. Just once you try pole fishing, you'll ask yourself why it wasn't sooner.

Simplicity of a pole fishing

Several helpful Tips

Never lift your catch, always play with the fish and use landing net to land it. Always extend and insert telescopic sections very gently, try do not extend them too forcibly, try to keep it off the ground to avoid dirt getting into the joints. Wipe it clean with a cloth before taking it down so you don't jam dirt into the joint, rinse pole with freshwater after using it in saltwater as soon as you can. Always remember to take a good care of your poles and they will work for you for a very long time and will bring you large amount of catches and a huge amount of great emotions. More great emotions - longer and healthier is your life.

How to Attach the line to a Fishing Pole?

A single overhand loop on the braid lilian material connected to the pole's tip is all you need.

Next make a double knot on the fishing line.

It can also be set up to attach the pole to the piece of Elastic . placed inside the pole tip sections. The elastic is used to assist in fighting fish. Using elastic in the pole tip allows the fish to fight against something. It also helps to keep a tight line between the fish and pole tip. It can also protect the pole and float rig when the fish surges away. You can find more information in more details about elasticating fishing pole on How to Elasticate a Fishing Pole page.

To prevent 'Interwined" use smaller swivel. Tie guiding line with swivel by clind knot or uni knot. Then set haris. It is always better to use hook connected with haris first. You need to change the haris constantly to get a better result.

Rubber float stopper, "pipe stopper" is used to keep a float with a guiding line. Every rubber stopper has a certain size that fit with the line.

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