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What Happens When a Washing Machine Is Off Balance?

how to balance a washing machine

Overloading a washing machine can throw it off balance.

Load Balancing

When the load of laundry in the washing machine is unbalanced, it can cause the washer's basket to move unevenly as it spins and bang against the outer tub. If the machines is properly loaded, the clothes will usually distribute themselves naturally so that they are relatively balanced around the basket during the spin cycle. If the machine is overloaded, however, the clothes may not be able to move freely and may be more likely to throw the basket off balance.


The wash basket may also spin unevenly if the washing machine is not level. The washer must be level both from front to back and from side to side, and all four of its feet must be touching the ground. If you can rock the machine

back and forth diagonally from corner to corner, its feet are not secure and level. Some machines' legs are self-leveling, and others can be adjusted either by hand or with a wrench, along with a carpenter's level.


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