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How To Balance Blood Sugar

how to balance blood sugar

Did you know that one of the reasons of gaining weight is unbalanced blood sugar? Sudden changes in blood sugar level causes fat around abdominal region of our body and we get fatter. The worst part is that the fat around our tummy may become permanent and might cause some more serious health problems. That’s why we have to keep it at a balanced level. This can help us keep fit and avoid gaining weight. So we have to take precautions! For one thing, we have to avoid staying hungry for long hours, which leads to low blood sugar. Next, we should never eat like crazy after starving for hours, which leads to a sudden high blood sugar.

Here are some more tips for balanced blood sugar:


elli says

Hi Zerrin, i need some help. I want to surprise boyfriend with birthday cake. He

live in Eskisehir too,but im in other country. I cant find on net any bakery for order online,so if u can give me some information i will be very thankfull. I read your posts so u come to my mind now.

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Zerrin says

Osia says

Hi Zerrin,

I always enjoy your posts and your recipes, all the way here in southern California! It sort of makes me feel at home, even when I realize that I cannot get some of the ingredients here …:-( I also love the fact that you have healthy recipes and tips….I had a question, though on this post. How come you do not recommend yoghurt for breakfast? I usually enjoy some oatmeal with berries, chia seeds, and ground flax seed, and some plain yoghurt mixed in. Is that wrong? What would you suggest?

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