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how can i balance my hormones

I strongly suggest you have your hormones tested – it sounds as if you could have something like polyscystic ovary syndome, or a thyroid problem. I can make suggestions about supplements & things that are needed for hormone balance, but it’s very important to find out what is actually going on here.

I recommend the following:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids are important in this condition, because they are needed for hormone balance. You will need around 2000mg omega 3 daily – try Vital Omega 3 concentrate (2 capsules daily) or Vital Salmon oil (4 capsules daily). Omega 3s also help if there is pain and heavy bleeding during periods, as they are anti-inflammatory and needed for healthy circulation and blood flow.
  • B vitamins are also important – both for hormone balance and for stress, which is known to make this condition worse. If you temd to get PMS especially relating to moods, B vitamins are very important.
  • As long as you aren’t on any hormone treatments, you can also take Vitex agnus-castus, a herb that works on the pituitary gland to balance hormones. You’d take it, preferably, once daily, in the morning around the same time as that’s when the pituitary is most active.
  • Depending on what your diet is like, you might benefit from a multivitamin & -mineral supplement for women, like Vital Multitime Women, just to give you a good

    overall balance of nutrients. If your diet is very good (balanced, lots of variety) then it’s up to you if you feel you need the extra boost.

Further, if you suffer from very heavy periods, check your iron levels regularly, as iron deficiency anaemia is a common problem when women suffer from heavy periods. This would make you feel tired and weak. You’ll need blood tests to determine this. You can then take an iron supplement. Just as a little bit extra, a multivitamin (as mentioned above) with a bit of iron in it can help, although if you’re seriously deficient, you’ll need a higher dose until stores have been replenished.

What you eat is very important with this condition. The more natural your diet, the better – refined foods, fatty foods, lots of sugar and additives – all of these should be avoided, as they will interfere with hormone balance and increase inflammation in the body. Smoking should definitely be avoided, as it has been linked to fibroid formation.

The best thing you can do, however, is to consult a phytotherapist in private practice, as this can be quite complex and they will spend some time with you and work something out specifically for you. Over the counter supplementation can be a bit hit and miss. You can find one at or at the Allied Health Professionals SA – 012 329 4001.

I hope this helps!

Good health is Vital.

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