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How to Balance Work and Life

When it comes to work, sometimes things can get stressful. There comes a time when you just need to take time off and play for a while. However, it can be hard to balance work and play successfully. Although it can be a constant battle to be able to de-stress, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. There are ways you can successfully balance work and play together and live a happier and healthier life.

Identify Priorities

Write down everything you have to do and everything you want to do. Go through the list and identify what is most important to you. Mark off the most important tasks. Then go through it and choose what you want to do before work or after work. Take a few minutes each day and look at the list. Make sure to do at least two of the highest priorities on the list every day. This could be having dinner with your family and spending daily time with your children.

Make a Plan

Once you identify your highest priorities, make a plan to do them every day. Create a detailed schedule where you will do family time every day before and after work. Make sure to add weekends to your plan to do something fun. Do something fun every weekend. This could be something fun with your family like going out to dinner or seeing a great movie. You have to make fun time a priority as well or you will get stressed out.

Discipline Yourself

Discipline yourself to get your important work done every day early enough so you will have time to spend with your family or by yourself. Being disciplined will help you get your most important things done to provide you with the time you need to have fun.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Working hard is important to get to the top of the ladder. However, you also need to play. Working hard and playing hard is important to keep stress away. This means after work, play a little. Watch a movie with your family, relax, and just keep work at work. Don't bring your work home with you if you can help it. Try to keep it as separate as much as you can.

Switch Shifts with Co-workers Sometimes

Switching shifts with a co-worker will allow you to change it up a bit. This means if you are working midnight shift and having to sleep all day, switch a shift with a co-worker every other week or so if you are able to. This will allow you to have a balance between work and play because you won't be working the same shift and getting bored. This will also allow you to take a little vacation with friends and family.

Take a Vacation

Take a vacation every chance you get. Take one with your family and friends and leave work where it should be, at work. Don't take your computer with you to even check email. Leave cell phones and anything that you can use to check on work at home. A vacation is a vacation and needs to stay that way. This will allow you

to keep stress away.

Don't Give Up

Don't give up on the things you love to do. In order to enjoy life and balance work and play together, you have to make sure to keep doing what you love to do. This includes riding a bike, working out, playing games, watching movies, and just enjoying your life in general.

Don't Get Carried Away

Try not to get carried away with working too much or playing too much. You want to just do the work you need to do and that is it. You also don't want to relax too much because then you will never want to work again. This is important if you want to balance the two together.

Be Flexible

Be flexible with everything you do. Know when it is time to work and when it is time to play. Keeping the two open and separate is important to keep stress free. You don't want to be a workaholic and work all the time because then you will become stressed.

Take Breaks

Take breaks during work. Not too many but enough to keep you going. This means to take your lunch break but to also take a five minute break every hour or two. This will help you de-stress and relax a little while at work. Don't play at work though. You need to do your work at work and play at home or with friends.


Socializing is important to keep stress away and to balance everything successfully. On your days off, spend time not only with family but with friends as well. Enjoy your life on the weekends. Relax and have fun with friends. Play games, go fishing, go to the beach, and go places that everyone will enjoy. Switch it up a little by not going to the same place with friends, family, and co-workers. During the summer, have a barbecue with everyone you know. Make sure not to talk about work when socializing. Socializing is very important to not only balance work and play together but to keep stress at bay.

Spend Time Alone

Make time for yourself. Spend some time alone every once in a while. Read a book or your favorite magazine. Watch your favorite television show alone. Take me time for yourself ever once in a while to help yourself relax. Being stressed out is hard enough without not having time for yourself sometimes.

Keep Communication Open

Keeping the lines of communication open with family and friends is important. Although you need to keep work at work, you should make sure you keep the lines of communication open with those you are close to while at work. This way it will help keep you happy and relaxed to be able to get your important work done knowing your family is just a phone call away. Having your phone on at work will also be helpful in case of an emergency.


It can be easy to keep the lines between work and play separated as long as you keep work at work. Doing all of the above will help you not only balance everything successfully but also keep stress free.

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