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How To Fly RC Helicopter??


Hi there, this is Jacky Lee from Helipal. The biggest question we have heard must be "How to fly a helicopter". Actually, it's no hard at all, you just need the "Correct" tool and the "Correct" method. Even the world champion was a beginner before, so let us share some useful tips with you about the RC Helicopter hobby.

Lesson 1. Choose the correct helicopter

I know that many RC Helis looks nice, but let's be honest not all of them are good for you. Let's discuss about it.

For RC Helicopters, they operate in a three dimension instead of a flat surface like a RC car. On a helicopter it can change Altitude Up / Down, Nose Turn Left / Right, Go Forward / Backward and Slide Left / Right. These are the 4 controls you need for a helicopter to go everywhere. On a 4-Channel helicopter, it has all these 4 controls. How about 3-Channel helicopters? Usually, the makers will

take away the "Slide Left / Right" function, all 3-Ch helis can still go everywhere, but not as fun as a 4-Channel model, so it is good news for beginners because of easier control, but bad news for experienced players because they are too easy, that's why you can only find toy grade helicopters has 3-Channels. What about 6-Channel helis? Actually it still operate in those 4 directions, "6-Channel helicopter" is just a name we call "Collective Pitch Helicopter" (we will talk about this CP heli later), the extra 2 channel happens on the receiver, not on the transmitter in your hand, the extra channel is for Pitch Servo, and the other channel is for Gyro Signal Wire. In short, 3-Ch helis is specially for first time flyers, 4-Ch helis are good for first time flyers who wants a bit of challenge or experience flyers, and 6-Ch helis is for experienced flyers.

Co-Axial Helicopters

* Traditional 4-Channel Co-Axial Helicopter is beginner's choice

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