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How Can I Get Internet on my TV if I Dont Have an Internet-Ready TV?

How Can I Get Internet on my TV if I Dont Have an Internet-Ready TV?

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Both television and the Internet have long histories, but for most of their existences, they have been separate experiences for consumers. Television shows were only accessible through a TV and Internet content could only be experienced with a computer. In recent years, however, the lines between TV and Internet have begun to blur as TV shows are available for streaming from network sites and third-party sites like Netflix and YouTube. In addition, some modern televisions are capable of connecting to the Internet to access content.

However, users who are interested in Internet TV may not have an Internet - ready TV. Fortunately, there are still several ways for these users to access online content on a television screen. Any one of several work-arounds allow televisions to access Internet content for an affordable price. In addition, many of these approaches provide users with additional benefits, such as Blu-ray capabilities or access to large libraries of video games. Many users actually prefer to access Internet content through other devices instead of purchasing an expensive Internet-ready television set.

Overview of Internet TV

Simply put, Internet TV is a way of accessing online content through a television set instead of a personal computer. The practice of transmitting content to televisions over the Internet, commonly known as Internet protocol television or IPTV, was developed in the mid-1990s. However, the practice did not begin to expand until the widespread acceptance and implementation of broadband Internet services in the late 2000s. After high-speed Internet access became widely available, several television manufacturers, including LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony, began developing TVs that included an ethernet port and the necessary equipment to access Internet content.

IPTV offers users a number of services, including video-on-demand movies, news updates, sports information, up-to-the-minute weather reports, and interactive features in network programming. Some Internet - ready TVs even allow users to access social-networking services like Facebook and Twitter. In addition, some providers allow users to control several aspects of their service packages from their TVs, such as providing caller ID services on the television.

Ways to Access Online Content Via a TV

As mentioned above, the easiest way to access online content on a television set is to own an Internet - ready TV. However, users without a compatible set need not despair of accessing Internet content. They simply need to use additional equipment in order to connect to the Internet and experience interactive content on the television screen. There are a number of possible options available to interested users that provide access to the wide world of Internet content and media servers.

Connecting a PC to a TV

Perhaps the simplest way to access online content with a non-Internet television is simply to connect the television to a PC with a video cable. In this instance, the TV is essentially used as a monitor for the computer, allowing users to access all of the contents of their PCs from the comfort of their living rooms or dens. Not only does this allow users to access the Internet via their PC’s web browser, it also allows them to do anything else they are able to do on their computer.

However, there are some significant drawbacks to this approach. Users need to invest in either extremely long data cables to connect a computer to the TV if they do not want to move their computer to a location near the TV. Users may also have to purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse in order to control the computer when away from the main PC workstation. A long-cable approach works for tower PCs, but laptop computers are designed for use at close range and must be situated close to the TV to work. In addition, users will only be able to watch TV or access online content one at a time, instead of accessing both at once. Essentially, two devices are required in order to perform one function. Still, connecting a computer to a TV is easy and allows the user to immediately access not just everything the Internet has to offer but all the files, music, and videos housed on the computer as well.

Purchasing a Digital Media Adapter or Streaming Device

A much better option for many users is to purchase or rent a digital media adapter. Digital media adapters connect to a TV through existing cable ports and allow users to access content from a number of different media servers. Some high-end models actually allow access to most of the Internet, not just selected servers. Many major media companies, such as Apple, Amazon, and Netflix, have put out

versions of these devices, which access their media collections. In addition, there are a number of third-party devices that allow users to access information saved on their own computers and networks.

In addition to the popular Apple TV box from Apple and Roku ’ s receivers. there are a number of digital media adapters that allow users to access content stored on their personal PCs or networks. One of the leading manufacturers of network adapters is IOGEAR. which has developed a number of adapters that allow private users to wirelessly stream content from their PCs or networks. These adapters attach to the HDMI or VGA ports on the TV and to the USB ports on the PC or router to provide a wireless connection between the devices.

Purchasing an Internet-Embedded Blu-ray Player

Most consumers already know that Blu-ray discs and players are high-definition video discs that represent the most advanced step in the development of portable and removable media. Blu-ray discs are the successors of DVDs and CDs, as Blu-ray discs allow 50 GB of storage space, significantly more than the 8.7 GB commonly available on DVDs. In addition to allowing the reading of Blu-ray discs, many Blu-ray players also include network adapters, which allow users to access online content.

However, the adapters built into Blu-ray players generally do not have access to as much online content as stand-alone adapters. Still, Internet - ready Blu - ray players can access the most popular Internet sites, such as videos on YouTube, movies on Netflix, and music on Pandora. In addition, Blu-ray players also include some of the more popular Web widgets, and they are considerably less expensive than stand-alone adapters. Many quality Internet-ready Blu-ray players can be purchased for less than $150, which makes them an extremely cost-effective approach for many users.

Buying a Next-Gen Video Game System

Finally, consumers can also access Internet content through most next-generation video game systems. though each system allows different types of content and uses unique ways of accessing it. From an access standpoint, Sony’s PlayStation 3 is the best choice, as it allows users to download or stream pay-per-view movies and shows, in addition to allowing access to Netflix content. The system also includes a built-in web browser, which allows users to access any Internet site.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 system has somewhat less connectivity than the PlayStation 3, as the Xbox can only access Microsoft’s services and servers. While the Xbox 360 cannot access websites and other Internet content, users can access a large amount of video and music from Microsoft’s Xbox Video Marketplace and Xbox Music. Lastly, the Nintendo Wii console can access a number of content channels, including Netflix and the BBC, through the system’s built-in Opera web browser.

Purchasing Necessary TV Equipment on eBay

When consumers have determined how they wish to access Internet content through their televisions, they have a number of different options for purchasing the necessary equipment. Shoppers can find the necessary devices from a number of different sources, including department stores, electronics stores, and manufacturers. Many users, however, find that some of the best places to purchase online access equipment are online marketplaces like eBay .

Potential buyers can find thousands of digital media adapters. Blu - ray players. and video game systems for sale within the site’s Consumer Electronics portal. Shoppers can use eBay’s Search function to find a specific item or model. In addition, they can use the Categories tabs on every page to browse through the wide selection of items.

After finding an item that meets their needs, buyers should always take the time to research both the item in question and any potential seller. eBay allows users to compare several items at once in order to find the one with the right features in the right price range. In addition, buyers can leave comments and rate a seller using eBay’s Feedback feature. By looking at sellers’ Feedback ratings and comments, buyers can get an idea of how they operate and whether they are reputable.


While Internet-ready television sets have become popular in recent years, many users do not have an Internet-ready set or are unable to afford one. Fortunately, there are a number of other, cost-effective ways of accessing online content on a standard TV. Users can connect a computer to a TV. use a digital media adapter. connect an Internet-capable Blu-ray player. or purchase a next-generation video game system in order to access a wide variety of Internet content. Shoppers who are interested in purchasing any of these items can find them at any electronics stores and at online marketplaces like eBay.

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