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How to beat terminal cancer

how to beat terminal cancer

The Sharon Kelly Story: How She Beat Her

Lung Cancer with Cannabis Oil

1/8/2015 Exclusive

This is the story of 54 year old Sharon Kelly, a wife and mother who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in December 2013. She was given no chance of survival and told she would only have months to live. Luckily the decisions she would make would prove her "doctors" wrong.

On Monday, December 16th, 2013 Sharon started complaining of a small pain on her left side around her ribs. She had gotten a massage on the previous Friday so she thought that must be a side effect of the massage. As the days went on the pain increased and when Sharon took a deep breath she started to have terrible pain in that same spot. So she decided to get checked out and on December 19th, 2013 Sharon Kelly was diagnosed with non small cell lung


By the middle of January 2014 the diagnosis had gotten worse. The Doctors told Sharon the cancer had spread to the lining of her lung & lymph nodes and they classified it as stage IV Terminal Lung Cancer. S he was given only 6-9 months to live. She asked if anything could be done like an operation or radiation but she was coldly told " the horse had bolted and was way too late to do anythin g". They told Sharon they do not offer r adiation treatment for stage 4 lung cancer. Sharon was even told that chemo was " not really worth doing " as it would only make her more sick. The doctors were more concerned with her enjoying the "short time" she had left than actually trying to help her live. They had given up on her upon their diagnosis and it was obvious to Sharon they didn't seem to want to treat her.

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