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How to become a frieght broker

how to become a frieght broker

Transport & Logistics

Security that keeps your business moving

The transport and logistics industry is faced with unique insurance challenges, due to demanding ‘just-in-time’ schedules, high equipment replacement costs, and environmental and safety risks posed to vehicles, goods and people in transit. It can be tough striking the right balance of insurance protection on your own, particularly in an industry where every business and profession is different.

Insurance House develops ‘made to measure’ insurance protection for every kind of transport and logistics business and professional. Our team of expert staff are trained to identify likely exposures and develop a pathway to minimising or eliminating the full range of liabilities you face.

Our clients are professionals from all sectors of the transport and logistics industry, from logistics and distribution companies and intermediaries to. We design and tailor a myriad of adaptable and innovative products specifically

to your goals and needs, including:

  • Ensuring the successful operation of future practices
  • Protecting your commercial assets and financial stability
  • Encouraging the growth of your business for future success
  • Promoting the success of your personal career.

With a diverse portfolio of insurance products and strategic alliances with insurers worldwide, Insurance House is able to source products that cover almost any type or range of risks. We can respond to your unique situation thanks to our strong position in the global insurance marketplace and our focus on individualised service.

Who we work with

Australian domiciled businesses in the following trade sectors:

  • Road Transport - Frieght & Passenger
  • Rail TransportStorage & Warehousing
  • Airports
  • Sea Transport - Freight, Passenger, Ferry
  • Air Transport
  • Port Authorities
  • Freight Forwarders & Transport Management

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