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How to become a mortage broker

how to become a mortage broker

One product: 4 powerful extensions.

MortgageDashboard provides a complete loan origination experience. When a potential borrower is ready to take a loan application, our automated point-of-sale loan application, MortgageCenter. puts a mobile-ready app in their hands. After application submission, the lender receives a notification and MortgageCenter instantly becomes a total loan information hub for your borrower. It can even display the loan’s status and conditions to close.

Removing all data-entry, the loan application can immediately be accessed in the MortgageDashboard Loan Origination Software after submission. The LOS contains seamless vendor service ordering, custom reporting for pinpointing trends and producing accurate projections, and access to all forms necessary for the loan process. It is built to provide effective administration solutions for enterprise companies.

Built inside of the loan origination software is a powerful paperless document solution system called eBriefcase. eBriefcase manages the originator’s documents inside the loan file and on the

cloud. It allows all users working on a loan to have easy access to the documents.

MortgageDashboard also manages compliance on behalf of the lender through C-Alerts. the built-in compliance management extension. This always up-to-date compliance software runs real-time tests on your lender’s loans and notifies them whenever a non-compliant action is requested. It includes the most robust Dodd-Frank compliance engines.

Finally, MortgageDashboard helps your lenders generate more loans through the Customer Relationship Manager. Managing your leads and contacts, the CRM makes it easy for you to perform marketing campaigns and tasks.

We call it “financial relationship management”. Our on-demand product solutions assist at every angle of the mortgage process, which not only streamlines your workflow but help you generate more business. From one user to one-thousand, MortgageDashboard is built with your needs in mind. Experience our user friendly interface and request a tour of MortgageDashboard today .

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