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How To Improve My Balance

how can i improve my balance

by Emily Conrad

(Fallbrook, California)

I have a very severe balance problem. If I do the balance

exercises every day, how long until I can notice a difference.

arthritis I am in pretty good shape for my age.

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Apr 07, 2011

Balance Problems

by: Douglas Schrift

Great question Emily. Living with impaired balance can be a very challenging and concerning situation at home.

As we grow older we experience many changes to our balance system. Remember that balance involves three areas; our eyes, our inner ear, and our sensory system.

When we strengthen our ankles, legs, hips and trunk by practicing balance exercises, our body begins to change and adapt in a positive way.

This may take from a few weeks to many months or longer depending on your particular condition and how long the condition has persisted.

I encourage all seniors to continue to practice their balance exercises daily no matter how poor you think it is.

The most important thing to remember is to be safe. This means having someone with you while you practice your exercises. Do not practice balance exercises alone.

Practice the stepping exercises I present online everyday with a family member. Work on lifting your feet up at least 6 inches when stepping. This will condition you to take high steps when in the back yard as you walk about.

Our back yards are filled with many things including uneven terrain, hoses, stones, roots, shovels and pets. For this reason, stepping exercises are very important.

Also, make sure you do my favorite exercise 10 times a day, which is the simple sit to stand. Simply sit in a chair and remember these three things.

1. Scoot out to the edge of the chair

2. Bring your toes under your knees

3. Then bring you nose over your toes and stand up. Repeat 10 times a day.

Soon you will be stronger and more stable when venturing out to your favorite place!

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