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How to bet at the horse track

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123BET.COM –  THE HOME OF 123RACING PICK6 HANDICAPPING CONTEST STYLE WAGERING is a US licensed and regulated live horse racing betting website, complete with live horse racing video streaming for thoroughbred, quarter-horse and harness racing across hundreds of racetracks and raceways in the US, and around the world.

As well as Win, Place, Show, Exacta, Trifecta and Exotics wagering. 123bet is the new online home for the 123racing Pick6 wager pools . The bet that puts YOU in the race.

Similar to a handicapping contest. the 123racing Pick6 is a fun new $2 competitive pari-mutuel wager pool available at racetracks, OTBs and online, allowing you to take on America like never before. Unlike a traditional Pick6 you can still win if a pick isn’t placed, and there’s always

a winner, meaning guaranteed winners every day!

Register now and login for today’s racecards, betting odds, will-pays, horse racing results and payoffs, as well as an archive of historical horse race video replays, results, and horse racing handicapping information. Join “The Stables” community to create a 123racing friends network now.

MONEY BACK FOR TOP 10 PLAYERS (For a Limited Time Only)

Attention all 123bet Handicappers! If you finish in the Top 10 (ranking of 1st - 10th) in any of the 123racing Pick6 daily events, we credit your account with $2 giving you your money back unless it's a Win $10 and then you'll get a $10 credit. This includes the Top 3 Players who win a share of the pool. See full 123bet Promotions. Only available to Players.

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