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Kobe Bryant would like to remind you how good the 2001 Lakers were

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ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Golden State Warriors may be the latest NBA champs, but Kobe Bryant would like to take a moment and remind you of the 2001 Los Angeles Lakers. Back then, Kobe and Shaq teamed up to win a second championship with a pair of dominant performances, leading the Lakers to a 15-1 postseason record. According to Kobe, he just happened to come across this picture, the day after the Warriors won the title, so he posted it on Instagram…

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I will admit Kobe is a legend but that boii ain’t coming back to the league and dominate anymore. Da only records he is breaking are the $$ robbin’ and days off. The lakers will probably focus on there precious draft pick and there star players nick young, Lin, and pick up another future star player. Nuff said

Kobe was and is one of the greatest of ALL Time… BUT, I think and have a problem with that picture… It’s sort of a “Jab” and an “Ego” driven/Ego Centrical Way of taking what the Warriors did this Finals, and switching the spotlight back onto HIM! / KOBE! “Hey! Look at me GUYS/FANS!” “Don’t forget about ME guys/fans!” “Remember that I TOO was on some GREAT teams!” “REMEMBER that I AM ONE of the GREATEST. ” Blah, blah blah… YEA! We get IT Kobe! But let some others have the Spotlight, yea. I mean, Kobe’s EGO and wanting the Attention, lights, adulation, etc,etc… ALWAYS on him…. Man, I don’t know what to think will happen, once he REALLY has to hang up his NBA sneakers and become just another retired NBA/Basketball

player… Can HE/HIS Ego handle being away form the game. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see…

And, YES! The Lakers could and would have a potential to be a “Better” ball club these next couple/two years, if Kobe wasn’t so Hell bent on being the highest payed/ONE of the highest payed players in the league… I mean, if there was no Salary-Cap, then fine! But “Hogging” all the Cash/$$$ that could be allocated towards getting some better talent. Is Kobe REALLY ALL about WINNING/CHAMPIONSHIPS. ) (Makes me think that the $$$ speak louder than the rings!) Ha. )

And, ” “SMART” NBA fan ” Kobe Bryant was NOT 37 last year/last season… He/Kobe was 36 years old… ( He and I are exactly one month apart in age… I’m a month his Senior, being born in July… :D ) But, that being said, he WILL be 37 and aging THIS 2015-2016 season, and obviously 38 years old rolling into the next… (If he chooses to play…) THAT, is A LOT, A HECK of A LOT of not just Basketball miles on his body/legs, BUT Basketball played at the HIGHEST Level/The NBA… I mean, DAMN… He’s been playing in the NBA since he graduated High School back in 1996.

He’s shown us he’s a “Hercules” of a Basketball/NBA player, BUT at some point ALL that wear-and-tear will take it’s toll on the STRONGEST of bodies/players… And, we’ve seen that these past two seasons… Two pretty major injuries… OR, Season-Ending to say the least… One might think, Kobe’s “Body” might be trying to tell his Brain something. But, we all know the “Stubborn” Black-Mamba ain’t be listenin’…

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