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How To Bet On Tennis

Well here it is the complete guidebook on how to bet tennis. Like we mentioned in our tennis betting article, there are numerous ways that you can bet on tennis. Most books offer the traditional heads up matchups, Roger Federer -600 / Tommy Hass +540 would be an example. If one wanted to bet on Federer you would have to lay $600 to win $100. If Federer was successful in defeating Hass you would collect your $100 win and have your $600 stake returned. If you were to wager on Hass, you would lay out $100 to win $540 and if Haas was able to pull off the upset you would collect $640 total ($540 for winning wager + $100 original stake).

In addition to matchups betting each book will offer some sort of different prop bet on tennis matches. Bookmaker Sports normally offers sets betting which is where they post a line on the number of sets the match will go and you can take the over or under. With set betting they also offer a line on which player will win more sets with a point spread. So for example you could see something like Roger Federer -1.5 -279 Tommy Haas +1.5 +259. If Federer was to win the match 4 sets to 1 or 3 sets to 0, the Federer -1.5 sets bet would be a winner. Any other result would mean that the Hass +1.5 sets bet would be declared the winner.

What Bookmaker does with sets betting, 5 dimes does with games betting. These are the types of bets we love at Because we don't limit our tennis picks to just

the mens tour we will use an example from the WTA (Womens Tennis Association).

Serena Williams -3.5 -140 Nadia Petrova +3.5 +120.

What sets and games betting do is combine a moneyline with a spread. For you football bettors you may have seen this when the point spread is 3 in a game. Bookmakers don't like moving off the number 3 so if they are getting one way action they may add a moneyline to the point spread to encourage bets on one side while enticing bets on the other. The same thing is being done here so to speak. How this all plays out is like so. S. Williams bettors must lay $140 to win $100. For this bet to be a winner Serena needs to win more games than Petrova, but not necessarily win the match. There is one unlikely scenario where Serena could actually win the first set 6-0 and lose the last 2 sets 6-7 & 6-7 and still win this games bet. To find out who the winner is, all you need to do is add up the total amount of games won for both players (Williams 6+6+6=18) (Petrova 0+7+7=14) and than subtract the 2 (18-14=4) Serena has won 4 more games than Petrova and has covered the -3.5 games line.

These are the most common ways to bet on tennis. For some tennis handicapping info check out our new tennis betting tips page which can give you some insight into what to look for when trying to pick some winners. As always don't forget about the tennis picks maddux sports does offer on a daily basis.

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