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NASCAR Betting - How to Bet on NASCAR

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By Allen Moody. Sports Gambling Expert

Allen has been immersed in the sports gambling culture for more than 30 years. From first being introduced to illegal bookies in the Philadelphia suburbs at the age of 18, Allen has been actively involved with sports gambling, spending time as a bettor, a bookie, and a sports service operator. He is the author of Becoming a Winning Gambler and Sports Betting Basics, both of which were published in 2013, and also operates the website

NASCAR Betting - How to Bet on NASCAR

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NASCAR is one of the easiest betting propositions around.

Different NASCAR Betting Opportunities

The are generally three types of different bet types a gambler can make on any given NASCAR race. Bettors can wager on a particular driver to win the race, wager that a drives will place in the top three, or bet that a particular driver finishes higher than another driver.

When looking at the odds of a driver to win a race, NASCAR bettors will generally see something along the lines of:

Jeff Gordon + 200

These odds are essentially listed as money line odds, meaning for every $10 you wager on Jeff Gordon you would win $20 if he wins the race. Those wagering on Bill Elliott would win $70 for every $10 bet. Since your wager is returned to you on a winning bet, those wagering $10 on Elliott would receive $80 back from a sportsbook and not $70, as sportsbooks require you to pay for your wager at the time it is made.

Many races will include a betting entry called "Field," which is all other drivers besides the ones listed by the sportsbook.

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Even though a bettor gets more than one driver with one wager, the field almost always consists of those drivers given the least opportunity to win and is usually best avoided.

The odds will naturally be lower when betting on a driver to finish in the top three, as the sportsbook must pay off three different winning bets, as opposed to just one.

Using the example above, odds for the drivers to finish in the top three would resemble:

Jeff Gordon - 140

Mark Martin + 100

Jeff Burton + 125

Bill Elliott + 200

Robby Gordon + 200

Field + 175

In this case, a bettor would have to risk $14 to win $10 that Jeff Gordon will finish first, second, or third, while the bettor wagering on Bill Elliott stands to win $20 on their $10 wager, instead of $70.

The last commonly placed bet in NASCAR is head-to-head finish between two drivers. Here, a bettor doesn't really care what place the driver finishes in, as long as the driver finishes higher than the other driver.

A line for this type of bet will look something like:

Mark Martin - 130 Jeff Burton + 110

In this example, bettors wagering on Martin to finish higher than Burton will be asked to risk $13 to win $10, while bettors believing that Burton will finish higher than Martin will put up $10 to win $11.

Those familiar with sports gambling will have no trouble making the transition to NASCAR wagering, while those new to the world of sports betting should be able to pick up the concepts of NASCAR betting without running around in circles.

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