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How to bet teasers

how to bet teasers

The Best Way to Play 6-Point Teasers

by Nicholas Tolomeo - 1/19/2010

The 6-point football teaser is the most common of the teaser bets out there and it is one embraced by amateur, casual and professional gamblers alike.

A 6-point teaser in football is when a bettor takes two teams like a parlay. but gets to move both lines six points in their favor. For example, rather than taking the Bears at -10 and the Raiders at +3 a bettor can tease the two in a 6-point teaser and get the Bears at -4 and the Raiders at +9. Unlike a parlay the payout would not be $100 to win $260 but rather $110 to win $100 in most cases.

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The first key in having success playing these 6-point teasers is simple: use them sporadically. Playing teasers should not entirely replace straight wagering but could complement them if used at the right time. The second thing bettors should about 6-point teasers is what odds are out there for bettors.

With online sportsbook catering to bettors playing teasers, finding -110 is pretty easy unlike Las Vegas where sportsbook have increased the juice on all teasers. Bodog. BetUS. and Bookmaker all offer -110 right now. Bookmaker actually offers +100 odds on a 6-point college football teaser.

There are other rules to be aware of with 6-point teasers. In the case of a push and a loss the teaser is ruled a loss. In the case of a push and a win or two pushes, the bet is generally ruled no action.

The third key with 6-point teasers, and perhaps the most important, is making the most out of your six points.

For betting sides the closer you get to a ‘0’ with the line generally the more the points are worth. But at the same time moving a team from giving points to getting points means hopping over the 0 line which is pretty much a wasted number considering there are no ties in college football and they are incredibly rare in pro football.

For betting totals the lower the total the further the 6-points will go. Teasing a total of 34 down to 28 and taking the over gives the bettor more of an advantage than lowering a high total of 60 to 54 and taking the ‘over’.

Previously I

mentioned that Bookmaker offers +100 for college football teasers. It is no accident that they sweeten the odds a little bit for taking college teasers. The general thinking in the industry is that the extra points a teaser gives you are not worth nearly as much as the points in the NFL.

There are three main reasons for this. For one, lines in the NFL. with only 16 games at the most being played a weekend, are generally very solid. In college, with up to 60 games a weekend, there are chances to find lines that are slightly off, which obviously become even more off the mark when the six points are added in your favor.

Also, in college football, upsets are more rampant compared to the NFL as are blowouts. And lastly NFL lines are nowhere near as high as some college football lines get. It is not unusual to see a top-ranked team favored by anywhere from 30-42 points in early season non-conference games. And some totals can reach as high as 80. Teasing a spread in the 30s or a total in the 70s has nowhere near the same effect as moving a line in the single digits.

Teasing football lines in the single digits and capturing “key” numbers is known as a Wong Teaser. The term is based off of a book written by Stanford Wong. The key to a Wong Teaser is capturing key numbers. The key numbers in football are three and seven, and to a lesser extent one, four, 10 and 14. For the purpose of Wong teasers the numbers to pay attention to are three and seven. By capturing those numbers, or moving the line in your favor across two of them, a bettor turns the tables on the house and evens the odds.

If the line on a football game falls between 7.5 and 8.5 or 1.5 and 2.5 then the Wong teaser is a possibility. In the case of the line being between 7.5 and 8.5 a bettor could tease the favorite down to 1.5 to 2.5 thereby gaining both the seven and the three or he can tease an underdog in the scenario the line is between 1.5 and 2.5. In the scenario the underdog would be teased up to 7.5 to 8.5 gaining the three and the seven

Any advantage a bettor can gain against the books is welcome and a teaser allows it but it has to be the right situation.

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