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How to bid a contract

how to bid a contract

Things You'll Need

Considerations in Writing a Bid

Make your bid look as professional as possible. You should be able to find blank forms in an office supply store, but can easily make your own using word processing software. First impressions are everything, even in the lawn business.

List your name, address and contact number on the form. The last thing you want is to have a person choose your company and they can't get in touch with you. You can create a generic form using your word-processing software that will list all your contact information.

State what services you will providing and the how often they will occur. The person hiring you will want to know what they can expect and when they can expect it to happen.

List your price to reflect the services you expect to provide. Let the customer know what they will be paying every month for your service and what the payment terms will be. Be sure to include any price for periods when

the grass might not need cutting as much. Many lawn services charge a flat monthly fee no matter how much or little the grass is growing. Make sure to clarify whether your rates will vary by season or remain level.

Spell out any extra services you offer, such as weeding or trimming, and let the customer know what these will cost. You can list this as a separate section on your bid for information purposes only. Then if the customer decides they'd like you to do some extra work, they'll have an idea of what it will cos. You might also want to put a note on the bid that these extra service prices are subject to change.

Add a section to your bid that has references, if you think the potential client desires it. If you've done work for someone else and they were pleased, find out if they are willing to take calls from potential customers seeking references. Always ask a customer's permission before offering him or her as a reference.

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