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New to Auctions?

  • SMA Vehicle Remarketing Getting Bigger By Being Better.
  • SMA Assured – 35 point mechanical and electrical report allowing you to buy with confidence, for full details click here or ask a member of our team
  • Featuring the latest great selection of vehicles direct from Peter Vardy at SMA Edinburgh every Tuesday from 6.00pm
  • 5 Auction Centres UK Wide: Offering over 7,000 vehicles every week
  • SMA Leeds Fleet & General Sales 10.30am every Tuesday & Friday
  • SMA Edinburgh Fleet Sale 11am every Wednesday
  • SMA Live Bid : Exclusive to SMA account holders, bid live & online at all of our UK wide sales-click to apply now
  • SMA Newcastle Fortnightly Thursday Fleet Sale 10.30am
  • SMA Logistics: For all your transportation needs, UK-wide collection or delivery call now for more details
  • SMA Buy It Now: Exclusive to SMA account holders, direct access to an extensive selection of vehicles available for immediate purchase

New to Auctions?

Welcome to SMA, the UK's Largest, fastest growing and best vehicle remarketing company. Our centres are open to the public, selling a vast array of vehicles and in this section aim to help you identify if the auction route is right for you.

With over 7,000 vehicles offered weekly, there is no shortage of choice. From HGV's to small cars, from plant machinery to Premium brands, you will find whatever you are looking for at SMA.

You can find your local centre from the locations tab, or by clicking here to access the calendar of sales.

The centre will produce a catalogue on the morning of the sale and the list is also shown under the sales calendar located on the homepage of this website. This will list all vehicles for sale that day.

When you arrive at the centre, you are free to view the vehicles. Please be aware that the vehicles are "sold as seen". Full terms and conditions are available here or from the centre itself.

Please bring means of payment with you.

All vehicles will have a description sheet displayed in the window detailing the make and model, age, mileage, service history and MOT if applicable.

This sheet will also detail if the vehicle shows as a Insurance Total Loss. This means it has previously been an insurance "write off". Please ask for further details, but we advise caution if you intend to buy it.


Once you have decided which vehicle you wish to bid on, you need to stand in clear view of the auctioneer. As the vehicle enters the auction lane, the auctioneer will describe the vehicle and then commence bidding. Make your bids clear to the auctioneer. If you have made the highest bid and the vehicle has reached its' reserve price, then the vehicle is yours. The auctioneer may say "Provisional Sale", this means that you were the highest bidder, but the bidding did not reach the sellers reserve price. We will then liaise between the seller and you the buyer, to reach an agreed sale price. Full payment must then be made within 24 hours.

We do sell on the understanding that you are responsible for arranging tax and insurance for the vehicle prior to removing it from the centre. SMA also offer competitive transport services and please do not hesitate to ask for more details.

Fees are charged in addition to the sale price, please make allowance for this when you bid. Full details of the charges are available from each centre.

Finally, if in doubt - please ask, our staff are here to help you.

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