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How to bid contracting jobs

how to bid contracting jobs

Thank you for your interest in doing business with DeKalb County. The provision of vital services to our citizens are ultimately the result of a partnership between the departments of County government and the vendor community which provides the goods and services needed to support County operations.

Our core mission is to provide procurement services to our customers.

We hope that the following information will assist you in better understanding the process to be followed to do business with DeKalb County.

Overview of the Purchasing Process

Purchasing & Contracting utilizes a competitive bidding process, with awards made to the lowest responsible, responsive bidder, meeting the specifications. This process is called Invitation to Bid (ITB).

Questions Regarding Bids Prior to Opening

Questions regarding Invitations to Bid and Request for Proposal must be submitted in writing, via email, fax, or mail to the Purchasing & Contracting Department in time to allow a written response to all bidders in the form of addenda. This is to ensure that all Bidders receive the same information. Oral explanations or instructions will not be binding.

Submitting Bids

Informal bids (under $50,000.00) may be submitted by telephone, mail, or in person to the Purchasing & Contracting Department, as requested.

Formal sealed bids for items greater than $50,000.00 are to be submitted to the Purchasing & Contracting Department no later than the date and time set for opening.

Bids received after deadline will not be considered. It is incumbent upon the bidder to ensure that bids are filled out correctly, completely and signed. Double check prices. (Most bids should be in unit prices.) Ensure that all requirements are submitted with your bid, such as bonds, samples (at no cost to the County), literature, references, time payment discounts considered for 20 days or more, etc. Prices submitted for Indefinite Quantity Contracts are to be firm prices for one year. If a firm price cannot be given, an escalation clause with a not-to-exceed percent increase must be given. However, the County may or may not accept escalation clauses depending on other bids received. Remember that Indefinite Quantity Contracts

are based on estimated quantities with orders placed by the County on an as-needed basis through the contract period. Be sure that delivery/completion date can be met. Any item (such as samples) submitted with the bid should be clearly marked as to item, invitation number, vendor, etc. (NOTE: samples may not be returned.)

Awarding of Contracts

Contracts are awarded based on a combination of factors that are most advantageous to DeKalb County. The County reserves the right to make no awards, one award of all items or multiple awards of items. The method utilized to solicit bids and proposals is determined by the estimated dollar value of the individual purchase or the type of commodity or service needed.

Bid Openings

Bid openings are held daily at 3:00 pm in the Purchasing & Contracting Department Conference Room. Bid openings are public. You and/or a representative of your firm are welcome to attend whether your firm is engaged in bidding or not. Information regarding sealed bid prices will be given over the telephone, or written as requested after they have been opened, abstracted and checked.

Legal Requirement

The only legal requirement of the County regarding bidding is that they be advertised in the legal organ of the County, The Champion newspaper. The County is not required to mail bids to potential bidders. However, as a courtesy to bidders and to ensure competitive bids, in most cases bids and notices are mailed.


It is the goal of all employees in the Purchasing & Contracting Department to obtain the very best value for every tax dollar spent for the citizens of DeKalb County and to ensure that your visit to this department is productive and pleasant.


All Invitations to Bid and Request for Proposals are advertised in the legal organ of the County. Bidders are encouraged to subscribe to:

P.O. Box 1347

Decatur, GA 30031-1347

Phone: (404) 373-7779

Legal Advertising Dept. Fax: (404) 371-1359

Advertisements are also posted on the DeKalb Cable Channel 23, and are posted on the bulletin board in the Purchasing & Contracting office.

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