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How to bid on federal government contracts

how to bid on federal government contracts

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Small businesses can fulfill the majority of the federal government’s needs.  Purchasing officers have a range of purchasing options available to them from formal, complex bidding procedures to simply calling a vendor on the phone and paying with a credit card.  The only way businesses can take advantage of the many opportunities available in federal contracting is to become properly registered and marketing their company aggressively to government agencies.

US Federal Contractor Registration gives small businesses access to the same tools and strategies used by Fortune 500 companies contracting with the government.  Much like a Consultant or Accountant, US Federal Contractor Registration helps businesses and Non-Profits with the following:

  • Fully complete the required contractor registration, including obtaining a DUNS number and registration in the new System for Award Management
  • Migrate legacy registration to the System for Award Management which replaced Central Contractor Registration and ORCA in July 2012
  • FEMA registration for For-Profit firms; registration for Non-Profits
  • Everything necessary to start marketing to government agencies including DSBS profile creation, customizable recurring searches, and a government business plan examining past performance reports for local contracting offices and prime vendors

Please fill out the online registration form to begin the process of getting registered to do business with the federal government.  Once the form is filled out a confirmation page will display and your business will be contacted by a case manager to facilitate your business registration.  Contact will occur within two business days of your application being submitted.  The whole process should be completed in 14 days from the date of the online application.  If you need to be registered faster please fill out the online application and call in with your order number and ask for rush registration.

Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation

Track Government business opportunities in real time by clicking here. This site has a convenient dashboard to track contracts, trends and more.

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