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How to Use Google AdWords

Learn How to Use Google AdWords Effectively

Understanding how to use Google AdWords is vital to your online marketing efforts, with AdWords being the most popular form of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

Using AdWords enables you to advertise on Google. the most popular search engine, which in turn enables you to get your advertisements in front of the biggest potential audience.

How to Use Google AdWords: Tips, Tools, and Resources

Creating and optimizing campaigns for AdWords can be difficult, but the benefits are tremendous. WordStream offers a number of tools and resources for business and agencies looking to improve their campaigns and learn how to use Google AdWords effectively. Whether you are an AdWords novice picking up a copy of AdWords for Dummies. or a PPC expert looking to advertise on Google, we have the resources for you.

Free AdWords Performance Grader – The grader evaluates your Google AdWords account based on important metrics like Quality Score, click-through-rate, and long-tail keyword optimization. You’ll get actionable tips on how to improve your score and optimize your campaigns immediately.

Webinars – Watch our past Google AdWords webinars online, download the slides, or sign up for our next upcoming marketing webinar!

AdWords Ebooks Collection – Browse through our large assortment of AdWords EBooks, covering everything from using Negative Keywords, improving Quality Score, to selecting different AdWords match type options.

Learn How to Use Google AdWords from the Experts – Read our collection of interviews with PPC experts who scored unusually high on our AdWords Performance Grader and offered to share their AdWords secrets for Google AdWords success.

Subscribe to the WordStream Blog – Our award-winning blog is constantly updated with new tips and guides for PPC marketing. Learn all about how to use Google AdWords.

Free Keyword Tools – Use our collection of free keyword tools to optimize your AdWords campaign! The collection of free keyword tools includes:

Try Wordstream for PPC Free! - WordStream offers powerful PPC solutions that can help you succeed when you use Google AdWords. Our robust software takes you through all the steps to create and optimize your campaigns.

How to Use Google AdWords: Buying Keywords on Google

AdWords is Google's pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform and its main source of revenue. In the AdWords paid search advertising model, advertisers can bid on the keywords they want to trigger their sponsored ads that appear in the search engine results page (SERP). When you use Google AdWords, Google decides which ads are displayed and in what position based on each user's maximum bid and Quality Score .

Quality Score is determined by a number of factors:

  • Relevance of ad copy
  • Relevance of the ad to its corresponding landing page
  • The ad's click-through rate (CTR)
  • Historical account performance
  • Other relevance and performance factors

The single most important factor in using Google AdWords effectively is relevance.

Why is relevance so important?

Google want to connect searchers with advertisements that match their search query and help them find what they are searching for. Google rewards advertisers who have tight, relevant groupings with higher Quality Score.

A higher Quality Score gives advertisers better AdWords ad positions. and more impressions as a result. Improved Quality Score also lowers your

cost-per-click (CPC ), making it a key factor to focus on.

You can improve your Quality Score by implementing a focus on relevance into you campaigns. This means having relevance:

  • Between text-ads and your keywords
  • Among the keywords in each of your ad groups
  • Between your advertisement and its corresponding landing page

A higher Quality Score equates to more impressions at lower costs, lowering your cost per click and cost per action .

This might seem like a lot to keep track of, but search advertising on Google AdWords doesn't have to be overwhelming. WordStream's PPC management system is a unique tool specifically designed to help advertisers use Google AdWords effectively through simplifying and improving the PPC marketing processes so that you can maintain high Quality Scores and collect search-driven profits. WordStream offers all the assistance you need to learn how to use Google AdWords.

WordStream also offers online marketing services for web marketers looking to hand over their PPC accounts to Google AdWords experts.

How to Use Google AdWords: Keyword Discovery and Grouping

Before you can have relevance between your keywords, you need to first generate a list of keywords for your Google AdWords campaign. Brainstorming your business’s keywords can be a huge hassle, which is why WordStream offers a free keyword generator tool to help you through the process. While you could use the Google keyword tool to begin your keyword research, it's inherently limited. When you use the Google AdWords keyword tool, you get results based on global search data, not on the effectiveness of these terms as directly applied to your website.

WordStream's Keyword Research Suite gives you deep access to WordStream's industry-leading, trillion-keyword database. giving you the competitive edge of knowing your keywords are more extensive and accurate.

Once you have your keyword list, you'll want to segment your keywords into manageable, tightly related groups. It can be daunting to look at extensive keyword lists and try to determine the optimal number of keyword groups and how to create keyword groups for maximum relevance. But it's essential to do this-- forming well-structured ad groups is a key component in learning how to use Google AdWords effectively. Our free keyword grouper tool can help make this process easy.

How to Use Google AdWords: Writing Clickable Text Ads

When you are creating ad text, you want your ads to have a clear, compelling message. Make sure your ad is relevant to your keyword and landing page, and be sure to include a call to action as well!

WordStream’s PPC Management software includes ad-text generation tools that will help you attract the prospective customers you’re after while raising your CTR and Quality Score.The text ad generator tool automatically populates the fields of your Google ad with the most popular and relevant keywords in your ad group, helping you hone in on keywords and phrases that will appeal to your potential customers.

How to Use Google AdWords: Let WordStream Help

In addition to our cutting-edge WordStream for PPC Software. WordStream also offers comprehensive Managed Services in which our Google Certified AdWords Experts help craft, manage, and maintain your Google AdWords account so that it is always in peak performance.

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