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How to Get a Cheap Hotel Room

how to bid on hotel rooms

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Book hotels through Hotwire is discount website that offers low-cost, high-quality hotel rooms. Hotels generally have many available rooms and they use websites like Hotwire to fill them. The website requires customers to purchase the hotel room before the hotel name is revealed, but there is a way around this.

Do a preliminary search on Hotwire for your travel dates and see what the options are returned. Write down the hotel location, amenities, star rating and rate. Before purchasing the hotel room, visit; the website provides an extensive list of hotels used by Hotwire. Compare your Hotwire search results with the information on to get an idea of which hotels are being offered.

After comparing the Hotwire search results with the hotel information provided by users on, you are ready to purchase your hotel room. Use the Hotwire link from and search the hotels again. Select the Hotwire hotel with the price

range, star rating and amenities that correspond with your research. After purchasing the room, the hotel name will be revealed and you should have a hotel that reflects your research (see Resources).

Search boutique hotels or bed and breakfast. Boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts offer nice accommodations without the flair and additional fees of more expensive hotel properties. These are generally owned by independent operators and have a distinct character and charm that is not found at the big chain hotels. Though they may lack certain amenities, they tend to provide adequate service, clean rooms and an attentive staff all at greatly reduced prices.

Travel on off-peak days. Hotels are generally booked solid on the weekends when most people are traveling. However, midweek travel offers deeply discounted hotel rates. Hotel rooms are much cheaper Monday through Thursday when hotels are at their lowest occupancy rates. Take advantage of the increased inventory by looking for weeknight specials to cut the cost of your lodging.

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