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How to bid on hotwire

how to bid on hotwire

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If you are making vacation plans and looking for an easy way to save some money try bidding on a low car rental rate. Bidding on car rentals allows you to name the price that you want to pay for a car rental. As of February 2010, is the only place that allows you to bid car rentals. Using Priceline to bid on car rentals is a fairly easy process. Just make sure you are ready to book your rental when you bid, as a successful bid results in immediate, full pre-payment.

Step 1

Check the price for your car rental on major online travel agency sites, including Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity. Also, check prices directly on car rental websites. Take note of the total price, which includes fees and taxes, and not just the daily price. Some quotes you get will already have the fees configured into the daily price, while others will not.

Step 2

Look at other people's bidding success history on the Better Bidding or Bidding

for Travel website. Each site has a forum where users detail their winning car rental bids. This is helpful information to have before making your bid as it gives you an idea of what will be accepted.

Compare the prices of previous successful bidders with a price quote from Hotwire. According to ParkRideFlyUSA, the price you get on Hotwire is a good baseline price of what you can expect to be a successful bid. By comparing it to previous successful bids, you will see if you can actually get a lower price than the Hotwire price when you place your bid.

Go to the Priceline website to place your car rental bid. As of February 2010, it is the only place you can bid on car rentals. Using your research, place your bid. Be sure to verify the details before confirming the bid, because if you are successful your credit card will be charged immediately and it is not refundable. If your bid is not successful, you have to wait 24 hours to bid again.

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