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This was my second time using uShip. I'm so grateful that this site exists. Much more affordable than renting your own truck and with nearly none of the grunt work n' hassle. Brilliant business idea. Cheers! - Lady Mae

Helpful Moving Resources

Moving your home can be a confusing, stressful process and most likely will be extremely time consuming. Our moving resources will help you figure out what type of move is for you and guide you guide you step-by-step through the process. Whether you need a little more information on how to find moving companies or how to pack your kitchen. our resources are a good place to start. We even have advice on moving with kids and relocating seniors and how to make the move easier for them.

Proper planning can eliminate many of the common headaches that will come from household moves. Having an organized moving checklist from the beginning of the process can help you plan your relocation and make sure you don’t leave out any important details when packing your bathroom. packing your office. packing your living room or packing your bedroom. There are things you may not have thought of beforehand, like properly moving furniture or holding a garage sale to help lighten the load for your service provider.

An important step in moving is hiring movers with whom you feel comfortable. Common sense, a little research, and asking questions will go a long way in finding movers that will fit your needs. uShip connects you with thousands of movers and moving companies and provides you with their customer

feedback. Take some time and look at what past customers have said about them, they care about their reputations and so should you.

Whether you are moving across the street, cross country. or over a long distance you'll find moving service providers that can help you every step of the way. From the packing phase to the unloading phase you are in control of what services you need to make your move as painless as possible.  Rely on the moving company's experience and equipment to make short work of the process and save yourself time, and a trip to the chiropractor!

Why work with uShip? Our process puts you in full control over picking a moving company and the moving services you specifically want. List your move along with your items to be moved, level of service, time frame, and simply sit back. Moving companies will then bid on your move in a reverse auction format, meaning the price goes down as each company puts in a bid. When the price meets your budget, or you're happy with the savings, simply agree to the price and collaborate with the winning moving company with next steps. This way you get to pick the moving company and the price on your terms! That's just a part of what makes uShip great on top of the major savings on interstate. national. and even international moves!

Take a look at some of our moving checklists as well as resources on how to rent a moving truck or self storage options if you are doing the move yourself.

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