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How to bid on storage units

How to Locate a Storage Auction

Auctions are held almost every day of the week, in almost every city in America. If you live in a big metropolitan area, there will be multiple storage auctions on any given day. One of the advantages of the StorageTreasures website is the search and browse features, which will enable you to find local storage auctions in your area most days of the week. Keep checking StorageTreasures, as the website data will be increasing daily. If you don't find an auction in your neighborhood today, there will be one on another day. There are so many auctions happening around you, that you could easily attend 3 or 4 per day. For instance, just for one auctioneer. our own Dan Dotson, there are dozens of auction events that he will be conducting in coming weeks for his company. Again, keep in mind that this is just for one company, American Auctioneers.

It is wise to call the storage facility the day before and

the day of the auction, or use the alert notifications before the auction date, to confirm that the auction will take place. By doing so you can also confirm whether the facility is auctioning multiple units on that particular day. Remember, if you are in a large city there may be multiple storage auctions at the same time at different facilities. If you have all of the information at hand, you can decide which auction you wish to attend.

The best way to search is by entering a zip code into the search bar at the top of each page and then expanding your search mile radius. You can also search by city, state but you cannot expand your search mile radius unless you search by zip code.

StorageTreasures recommends that you explore the site and get familiar with all the tools to optimize your treasure hunting. The search, browse, maps & directions, schedule, filters, and favorites will help coordinate and maximize your modern day treasure hunt.

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